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Pamilco Christian Homeschool Group is a Christ-Centered support group that uses the Bible to provide the basis and standard of truth and values. We provide activities and support for homeschool families in Pamlico, Craven, Beaufort, and surrounding counties. We offer weekly activities on Fridays and every other Monday for Pre-K to teens. If you would like to learn more, consider visiting us on a Friday. 

The primary goal of PCHG is the development of Christian character in our children, where each child is led to a personal relationship with Christ and trained in scriptural principles and values. Another goal is to promote academic excellence, which is to be acquired as a natural outcome of responsible, consistent homeschooling.

Our purpose of meeting together is to encourage and support the families of those in pursuit and continuance of homeschooling by sharing experiences, pooling resources, and providing opportunities to build relationships with others whose values and perspectives are within the scope of the values and perspectives of this organization.

As a Christ-centered support group, PCHG will provide encouragement, information, and appropriate experiences to anyone who may be interested in homeschooling, or is already homeschooling.

PCHG requires an annual membership fee of $45, if you pay for the whole year, or $25 if you pay each semester separately. PCHG membership will allow you and your family full access to the website, class registration, field trips, newsletters, Facebook group, socials and so much more. This website will direct you to PayPal when you Request Membership. You will not be approved for membership unless the annual membership fee is paid. However, in special situations, PCHG does award scholarships for those families that need it. To request a scholarship, please click on the Contact link at the top of this page to contact us.


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