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The Sunbury Home Educators co-op is more than just Activity Day on Thursdays. Members are encouraged to schedule mom's night out events, curriculum nights, speakers, girls group, boys group, playdates, bible studies, field trips, and much more.

The Sunbury Home Educators (SHE) is an inclusive Christ-centered home school support group which meets in Sunbury, Ohio. We welcome all home schooling families for encouragement and support. SHE offers families the opportunity to develop relationships and actively engage in this process through the co-op experience, by supplementing their homeschooling with academic and enrichment classes (Activity Day).

Joining this group means becoming a member of a Christian community where families are willing to serve with a spirit of unity and cooperation. Here we share blessing, support, fellowship, accountability, and responsibility. When each member uses their time, talents, and energy to help, the group runs smoothly, and we all enjoy the blessing.

Nicole Showalter, Administrator
[email protected]
Becky Wilson, Building Liaison
[email protected]
Christine Lemon, Registration Coordinator
[email protected]
Nikki Barker, Volunteer Coordinator
[email protected]

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April 22 - Saturday
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April 28 - Friday
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