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Heritage Homeschool Friends is a group of Christian, homeschooling families seeking to provide opportunities for our families to create, explore and develop meaningful relationships together.

While learning can and often will happen at our gatherings, we are not an academic organization. We expect that our families do the bulk of their academics at home and it is our intent to simply supplement that learning with support and friendship.

Except for an extended Christmas break, we gather almost every week throughout the school year for Field Trips, Picnics, Parties and other events.  Members are encouraged to plan additional activities on whatever days best suit their families.

Heritage offers two types of memberships because we understand that everyone's ability to volunteer is different.

We would love to have you join us!  Click “I want to join Heritage” or "Request Membership" to get started.


Please note that we require our members to:

*Be a parent led and privately funded homeschool

*Actively participate in the betterment of the group through volunteer opportunities