What do people say about Homeschool-Life.com?

 “Thanks again for all you do. I don't know how we managed before we had this amazing site!”
- - Homeschool Group Leader, Wisconsin – 60 families

 “Its soooo easy…”
- - Homeschool Group Leader, Missouri (PS- The homeschool life thing is AWESOME!!!) – 120 families
"Your website is SO easy to use!  I've had a great time setting it up, and I can't tell you the hours you saved me, as I was about to embark on redoing our other website.  Using homeschool-life.com was a life-saver for me, and my kids. Thank you for offering this service.  I think it will make a big difference to our membership."
- - Homeschool Group Leader, South Carolina – 175 families
“Thank you for all you have done for our group’s site and the entire homeschool community. It is amazing how homeschool-life has saves so much time for group leaders and enabled information to be available much quicker. You have been a blessing.”
- - Homeschool Group Leader, Wisconsin – 200 families
"How did we ever live without this? Just five months ago, our homeschool group was struggling to have a web presence. We also needed a way to keep our membership updated and to do a better job of building community. Over a chance conversation at Thanksgiving, I heard about Homeschool-Life, and decided to look into it. Impressed, I took it to our Board of Directors, and soon we were signed up.   What has happened since is amazing! People are finding us online and joining our group. Members are telling homeschooling friends things like, '’you should join us.... we have this new website.....'    We really have been transformed as a group because of Homeschool- Life. By the way, setting up the website is so easy that a computer rookie (like me) can do it. Thanks Homeschool-Life!! We LOVE our website!!"
- - Homeschool Group Leader, South Dakota – 120 families
"I am working with my fellow support group leaders on our homeschool website.  I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how appreciative I am for your program.  I have run a statewide homeschool accountability assoc. for the past 5 years and I have tried to have something like this programmed for our group.  For the past 2 years we’ve had local programmers set up an online enrollment for us but it has never been quite what we needed.  When I saw how easy it was to use the site, set up the enrollment form, and manipulate the data, I was ecstatic to say the least!  My husband was overjoyed to know that I wouldn’t be stressed over the data and parts of the enrollment process that weren’t working as they should be.  You do not know what an answer to my prayers your work has been.  Thank you for making this available to the homeschooling community.  I will be sharing this information with other associations in our state. Thank you again and I look forward to our new school year working with homeschool-life!"
- - Homeschool Support Group Leader, South Carolina, 100 families
"Thank you for providing the website.  I have gotten so many compliments.  Even many of the people who thought they could not function without the hard-copy newsletter prefer the site.  We have wanted to take the newsletter on-line for many years but security has always been the main issue.  Having edited our newsletter for 2 ½ years I could see the advantages of a website- less cost, easier to have multiple people involved in editing, constantly up-dated information (changes in dates, times and location of events made quickly and easily) and almost, unlimited space.  My family has also put together the directory for the last 15 years.  Now we don’t have to fit that into our home school schedule." 
- - Homeschool Group Leader, Nebraska – 200 families
"I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your web-site service. I am with a support group in South Carolina, and this is our second year with Homeschool-Life. Your web service has been a God-send! It's more than affordable, easy to use, and makes my life as the group administration so much easier! I also wanted to add that I love the new feature added this year. I especially like the addition of the event sign-up right here on the website! Keep up the GREAT work!"
- - Homeschool Group Leader, South Carolina – 30 families
"I am very impressed with your site!  This is going to be a great improvement for our support group, and for all of us who will be administering the site!  Thanks for creating the perfect forum for homeschoolers!"
- - Homeschool Group Leader, Iowa – 140 families
"By the way, Amy says she is so excited how easily and smoothly putting the website together is going.  You were right when you said most people feel very comfortable using it in a short period of time.  We are very excited about the website!"
- - Homeschool Group Leader, Michigan – 50 families
"Thanks for your help with the uploading of the PDF issue. So far that's the only problem I've encountered. I LOVE the way the website eliminates so much busywork for me. I'm still "training" the members to go to the site first, but that will come with time."
- - Homeschool Group Leader, Indiana – 20 families
"I absolutely love your product.  I think this will save us a lot of money in copying fees ~ and improve our communication (our main goal).  I am especially impressed with the calendar.  I am not very computer savvy ~ so if I can do this, I know anyone can do it."
- - Thanks again, Homeschool Group Leader, Indiana – 20 families
"Thanks for your help as we learn how to use this wonderful tool that you have put together."
- - Sincerely, Leader Homeschool Support Group, Tennessee – 200 families
"Your service sounds more and more appealing all the time. I am going to forward this information on to our webmaster. If she likes this idea, I'm sure we will move forward with it. We know and love the FISH folks. (They're the largest homeschooling co-op in our area.) If they like you, you must be good! :)  What a great idea for a homeschooling service!  By the way, THANK YOU SO MUCH.  The website is SO COOL!!!  I am having a blast setting everything up."
- - Homeschool Group Leader, Wisconsin – 20 families
"Wow Larry, Thanks for the fast response!  What great service! :) I'm looking forward to this new adventure."
- - Blessings, Michigan – 65 families
"Everything is working FINE! I'm absolutely LOVIN' this thing called homeschool-life! Mind if I tell all the other groups around Kansas City?"
- - Homeschool Group Leader, Missouri – 120 families
"I just wanted to be the first to say hello! We are new to the group, and are thrilled at the format of the website and all the information here. Thank you everyone who has worked so hard to give all of our kids fantastic opportunities for field trips, group activities, sports and the arts. It is appreciated! We look forward to meeting everyone at activities through the year."
- - Homeschool Family, Michigan – 65 families
"Just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the web-site.  I’ve already put in some information.  Very easy to use and so attractive!  Thanks for putting so much work, time, planning, and thought into your design.  It’s really amazing.  Thanks and God bless!"
- - Homeschool Group Leader, Georgia – 75 families
"We all love this website and it has made it possible for our families to keep informed and be responsible for keeping up to date on the latest happenings. Prior to your website... one central person had to notify all families of all events (via newsletter -or- phone). The forum is the best! Wow... my life is sooooo much easier thanks to Homeschool-life.com!!!!"
- - Homeschool Group Leader, Michigan – 50 families
"I was impressed by your site, (received a brochure from a homeschool convention and went home and checked you out). I have not been disappointed. You guys are very professional--which makes our group look professional. You were exactly what I was looking for to help our support group "go to the next level."
- - Homeschool Group Leader, Florida – 50 families
"I just wanted to send you a huge “THANK YOU!!!!!!!” for all you do for the Homeschool-Life website.  I love it!  No particular reason at this moment, except that I just discovered one more thing the website can do for me ... and I just love it so much!"
- - Homeschool Group Leader, Oklahoma – 30 families
"Hi Larry. Our co-op uses your Homeschool-Life for our web site and we get "wow" comments all the time. I just wanted you to know we appreciate your service that helps us manage our large membership in efficient and effective manner.""
- - Homeschool Group Leader, South Carolina – 145 families
"We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the site. I was at an event today and everyone was talking about how great it is and willingly paying for their membership.  Thanks. It is SUCH a blessing!"
- - Homeschool Group Leader, Pennsvylvania – 60 families