Check, PayPal or Credit Card is an affordable web hosting service for homeschool groups and co-ops. We offer a FREE 60-day trial of our services with no obligation. If you love and want to continue with our services, we have an annual hosting fee of only $7.50 per family!  Invoices are emailed annually and billed according to member levels at the time of the annual renewal. If members join after the renewal date, they will be included in the next year’s invoice.  You can pay by check, PayPal or credit card.  We are an excellent homeschool resource for homeschoolers and homeschool group leaders!

Minimum and Maximum

We have a set maximum billing at 230 families and a minimum billing at 14 families. The maximum for a group of 230+ families is $1,725 annually.  The minimum for a group of 14 families is $105 per year.  If you have less than 14 families you still pay the minimum.  If you have more than 230 families, you still only pay the maximum allowed.

Easy Invoicing, Affordable Web Site

We invoice the group once a year so you just make 1 easy payment each year.  You can have as many families join or leave during the year.  We only charge for the active families on your site.