Communication Enhanced

Enhance communication within your homeschool group or co-op

Email Tool

You can send unlimited emails to your homeschool group or co-op families with the very easy to use email tool.  Families can use the forum as much as they want and send unlimited emails.  Each week we send over 900,000 emails through our service.  We have teamed up with a National ESP (Email Solution Provider) to handle all of your email so you have no worries about email delivery.

Home Educators Share

Homeschool families can share photos, stories, current projects, and more on their own personal and secure family website. They also have easy access to group information and activities on the centralized group website. The calendar tool and automated emails keep families up-to-date on what is happening within the homeschool group. The classifieds tool allows families to share curriculum and other items with others in the group. Members can communicate via the forum without worrying about questionable banners and pop-ups, and they can reminisce about past events in the photo gallery. Signing up for calendar events and class registrations is easy!

Forum, Class Registration, Event Signups, Accounting

Within the class registration tools is the ability for teachers to email their students.  Rosters can be emailed with a click of the mouse!   Within the event signups tool is the ability to email everyone that is signed up!  Everywhere on the site, their are automated email reminders and follow ups!  Within the accounting tool, you can email everyone a statement of their account to show them exactely what they owe to date!  Within the forum, the emails automatically fly.  We send over a million emails a week and most of them are forum post emails.

Automated Weekly Emails

Each week, your homeschool group web site will send a mini newsletter to each family in your membership in the form of an email.  It includes a 2 week look ahead on the calendar and each page that has changed on the web site in the last week, along with new classified items and forum posts.  What a great way to push the information out to your families and draw them back in by visiting the site when they click on a link in the weekly email to read more information.  It's automated; set the day and forget about it, we take care of the rest!