Membership Directory

Online Family Directory automatically stores family information in its Family Directory. You can arrange families with common characteristics into sections and categories. Using the email tool, you can easily email a specific section instead of searching out each individual family.  You have complete control over your family directory and it’s all online. Each family keeps track of and edits their family profile so you don’t have to anymore!


  • Complete control over managing your memberhsip
  • It's secure - you must be an approved member of your group to view your directory
  • Ability to print family directory
  • Families can visit the online family directory to view other families
  • Families maintain their own family profile and update changes as needed
  • Families change their email addresses and email preferences
  • If enabled, families can print the online directory in a phone book style
  • Families can be activated or parked (cannot receive emails or login) by the site administrator
  • Google Maps: if enabled, each family can search for other families near them
  • Privacy feature: if enabled, families have the option from hiding their personal information from the other families in a group