Calendar Event Signups

Online Signups for Calendar Events

Creating an online signup for an event allows you to easily receive information on who is attending and more! You can either pay by check or use PayPal in your signup to collect payments for the event. Tracking payments is easy! This tool also lets you email all of those who have signed up to keep them updated with event details and information. Setting up waiting lists for when events become full is a snap! Assign any family in your membership to manage an event signup!


  • Easy event setup; it just takes a minute
  • Public signups, private signups or both
  • Integrate with PayPal for easy payments
  • Maximums allowed
  • Coordinator gets notified of signups/cancellations via email
  • Add the options to let others see who has signed up
  • Add the option to allow families to signup on the behalf of other families
  • Waiting lists
  • Deadline date
  • Automated reminder emails
  • Add extra custom fields
  • Download list and print
  • Event signup manager to manage all of your signups