Getting Started

Focus on Leading and Encouraging and Spending Time with your Family instead of Administrative Tasks

Request Free 60 Day Trial is offering homeschool group and co-op leaders and their families a FREE web site for 60 days, with no obligations. Click on Request Information or email us at to start your web site today! It is that easy! Most sites are setup the same day.

ABC’s of How to Begin

Here are a few helpful tips on how to get organized and get your group website off the ground. Once you get started, be sure to keep us updated on your progress! would like to hear from you! Tell us how you are doing and share your ideas for improvement.  We want to know what you think and are here to help you get your site off the ground!

Useful Tips

  1. Practice logging in as an Administrator. Clik on the link emailed to you in the "Welcome to" email that has “admin” in the address. Use your assigned Administrative login and password.
  2. Practice logging in as a Family. It is advantageous to have two browser windows open at the same time. This will allow you to make changes as an Administrator and then view those changes as a Family. To begin, log in as an administrator Then minimize the current window by clicking on the minimize button (-) in the upper right corner.


  • Will I need the impor tool to import all my memberss?
  • Should I contact the Homeschool-Life trainer to schedule a consultation
  • Determine what professional layout I want for my web site.  With all the combinations, you have hundreds of choices.
  • Determine what you want on your homeschool group or co-op secore home page (e.g. text, photos, color scheme, etc.)
  • Determine what you want on your public home page (e.g. text, photos, color scheme, etc.)
  • Change the Contact Information to reflect your current group leaders.
  • Edit your group profile to make sure the contact information is correct.
  • Prepare the next two months of events on your calendar.
  • Review the registration process and customize it to fit your needs
  • Convert all your forms to our electronic iForms
  • Determine when to notify your families and encourage them to join your new web site
  • Setup the account tool
  • Build your event signups
  • Build your classes, teachers and class matrix (class registation is an optional tool)
  • Remember that each week (you pick the day for delivery) each family that has joined your web site will receive an email informing them of what has changed on your web site in the past week!
  • Decide if your group will need multiple administrators.
  • Practice
    • Add an event to the calendar
    • Update your private and public home pages by either adding a picture or changing the text
    • Add a link
    • Add a custom page
    • Add a public page
    • Add a frequently asked question (FAQ)
    • Add a photo gallery item
    • Add your newsletter as a file or take items from your newsletter and put them in the calendar
    • Run through the registration process and add your family

Congratulations! You have a great start on your group website!