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  • "Thank you…I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the app!!! Thank you so much!"

  • "Just added it to my iphone and it works great on that."

  • I'm in on the app and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it...I'm so excited for this to help make our next basketball season better and more organized!!! Thank you so much guys!!!

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  • We would love to hear from you to improve the App.
  • Email your comments for improvement to

Q. Where do we find the Android version of the App? 
Open the Android Play Store on your smart device and search for "homeschool-life" or you can visit the Android Homeschool-Life App.

QWhere do we find the Apple iOS version of the App for iPhone and iPad?
 Open the Apple App store on your smart device and search for "homeschool-life" or you can visit the Apple Homeschool-Life App.

Q. What's the login all about?
A. Your homeschool group web site is secure, so your app needs to be secure. You need to provide an email address, a user name and a password. These are the same as you have listed in your profile on your group web site.  If you need help logging in, email for assistance.

Q. How can I found my email address, user name and password to access to access the app?
A. Visit your homeschool group web site, select the "Forgot your Login" link and have your information emailed to you. You can also login in to your group web site and select "Edit My Profile".

Q. Is the app available for families and administrators?
Yes, both the family and the administrators can use the app.  The families have access to these features:
   * Secure login
   * Multiple group toggle (if needed)
    * Calendar
   * Event signups
   * Driving directions
   * Membership directory
   * Forum posts. 

The administrators have access to these features:
   * All the family app features
   * Approve moderated forum posts
   * Approve family membership registrations
   * Approve submitted links
   * Approve submitted pictures
   * Approve submitted

 Q.  We already pay for our Homeschool-Life service, why do we have to pay $2.99 for the app?
 A. Our goal is to provide an affordable service with top level customer support.  We can keep the cost to the groups lower by charging a nominal one-time fee of $2.99 to help defray the cost of app development and future app development.  Keep in mind that this is only a one time fee.   App development is long term and very costly as it's specialized.  We also have a human element in app development support and we need to pay our homeschool support staff as they support this new service.  We also want to provide the best product to you.  We are continually upgrading our service to you and did not want to slow the development pace down by having to divert funds for app costs.  In the last year alone, we have tripled our development costs to bring you the absolutely best web service.  We received advice from those that develop apps that setting a small cost for the app increaes the ownership in the app and your group web site.

Q. Can I belong to 2 homeschool groups and still use the app?
A. Yes, first login to the app, then select Settings and enter your multiple login information into the additional group area.  Your login and password need to be unique for each homeschool group you belong to.  If not, please change it by logging into your group web site and select "Edit My Profile".

Q. Is the app available for Android operating system versions 2.1 or later?
A.  Android supports apps that are developed for Android operating systems 2.2 or later.

Q. Is the app ready for iOS7?
A. Yes, we tested extensively under iOS7.

Q. Where can I provide feedback on my experience with the app?
A. Please email any feedback to  We value your comments on helping us improve our app.

Q. Where can I receive technical support for the app?
A. First, we would like you to check the FAQ's above.  If you still need help with your app, you can email for email support.