Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly is mobile friendly and complies with Google requirements for Mobile friendly.  Your site will automatically detect which device your members are using and resize accordingly with all their menu options.  It will work similar to an app for both the admin and the families.  Apps can be limited to just certain platforms like iOS iPhones, iPads or Android devices.  Our sites are mobile friendly and will work on any mobile smart device.  Apple and Android constantly change their platforms which is difficult to be timely in keeping up with changes.  The mobile site will always be up to date as we make changes to your web sites.  The mobile site will include everything on your web site.  There is also no cost to the member.  We hope you enjoy the new mobile site!

Florida - 200 Families: Dear HSL Team: I don't generally access our website from my phone, but I have been doing so more lately. I just have to say that the new work on the mobile-friendly sites is FABULOUS! Our website looks really great on a small screen, and I love the way that even the photo slideshow aligns properly, fits in just right, and loads quickly. I'll probably use my phone more often now for this purpose, since everything is accessible and fast. And thanks for prompting me to switch to the new mobile-friendly layout. It was really easy and looks good, too. We've been with HSL since 2008. I was pleased when we joined, and am more than pleased with the progress that has been made in the meantime. Thank you for providing this opportunity for homeschool groups like ours to have a web presence that is professional, user-friendly, and affordable.