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Accounting Tool - Member Comments

I have two reactions fighting each other:  giddy excitement, and a HUGE sigh of relief!

The snarls in the accounting have been my biggest headache all year - and we put out over 100 classes.

Thank you?  Thank you !  (doesn't seem like enough).

I ADORE the one central spot for everything approach.  A lot of our work sessions are two women sitting across from each other for hours, working opposite ends of the same issues.  (You mark the field trip paid, while I note the Membership payment.  What check number what that again??)  I see a greatly reduced number of mouse-clicks in my future!

The Accounts Receivable list?  THANK YOU!  I had to look at each family (160) individually or each event individually to see if anyone owed money...(This often leads to multiple calls to the same family (I need your field trip payment ... oh!  I need your class payment... Did you pay for your graduation gown?)  My next two weeks are going through all accounts and making sure everyone is paid before we start registrations for next year... HOURS will be saved when the changes are finished!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ....

Accounting Tool

Homeschool-Life.comTM is providing a simple, easy to use accounting tool assisting group leaders and treasurers in automating their tracking of invoices, payments and adjustments.

Automation and Time Saving Tools

  • Recording of invoices and payments via PayPal and credit cards are automatically posted to each members account with full details in these areas:
    • Membership registrations and renewals
    • Signups
    • Class Registration
    • Other: anywhere you insert PayPal code to use to charge for something.  Ex: iForm use, fund raisers, concert tickets, graduations, t-shirt sales, yearbooks, etc.
  • Automate event signup charges and payments!
  • Automate registrations and renewals charges and payments!  Setting up and sending an invoice to each family for membership renewals just takes a minute!!
  • Auto posting of PayPal payments!
  •  Creating invoices is so easy!  Setup an invoice for each family with specific due dates or copy one globally to your entire membership takes less than a minute.
  • With use of a PayPal account, you can accept all major credit cards.  Accepting of cash/checks is always an option!
  • Accounts Receivable balances by family at a glance.
  • Email invoices, print invoices
  • Email member statement of accounts for each family or for all members with just the click of a mouse.
  • Accepting partial payments is easy as they are applied to each member’s outstanding invoices and to their statement of account balance.
  • Export is easy to an Excel spreadsheet!
  • Single or Multiple PayPal accounts to accommodate funds being distributed to teachers, those in charge of event signups, etc.