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Referral Program

Tell your homeschooling friends how much you love your website!

Available in the U.S.A. and abroad. Do you have homeschooling friends in the U.S. or abroad who could benefit from Homeschool-Life.com? Share with them the many advantages you enjoy from having a Homeschool-Life.com website. If they choose to purchase a Homeschool-Life.com website, we will express our gratitude by giving you a reward.

Word-of-mouth advertising. We attribute our popularity to the many homeschooling families who are pleased with their website and have told others about us. We appreciate your verbal endorsements! It is a great honor to have such loyal administrators and families who provide us with word-of-mouth marketing. We want to say "Thank You" for helping us spread the word about our services!

You can earn as much as $700!

Simply share your good experiences with Homeschool-Life.com with your friends who are leading other homeschooling groups. If their support group or co-op chooses to purchase a Homeschool-Life.com website, we will credit your group accordingly. Our referral program is based on the number of families in the new group, as you will see in the chart below. You can earn as much as $700!

Homeschool-Life.com Affiliate Referral Program

New Group Size
Number of Families


$ 50











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