3:17 Hybrid School of Blythewood
New 2024-2025 School Year- we've added 8th grade

** If you are interested in applying- please email 317hybridschool@gmail.com to inquire of availability in your child's specific grade.
Spaces have been saved for potential teacher's children. **

Enrollment for 2024-2025 School Year is now open for New Families.

* Applications will be automatically time-stamped by the computer when:
1) the application has been completed
2) the application fee of $30 per child has been paid!

Applications will be processed on a first-come basis.

Welcome New Families

Welcome to 3:17 Hybrid School of Blythewood

Our name is inspired by the Bible verse James 3:17.  We desire to partner with homeschooling families as they model and teach godly wisdom to their children so that they can better represent Christ’s pure, peaceable, and gentle qualities to our world.

In the Fall of 2024 we are excited to offer a 6 hour, one-day or two-days a week drop-off, 30 week program for children K4-8th Grade. We will meet on Tuesdays from 9am-3pm and/or Thursdays from 9am-3pm at Sandy Level Baptist Church, 408 Blythewood Rd., Blythewood, SC.  

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Our Mission

Our Mission

The name of our school is based on the Bible verse James 3:17. We desire to partner with parents as they model and teach godly wisdom to their children so that they can represent Christ’s pure, peaceable, and gentle qualities to our world.

From a practical standpoint, as a school we want to come alongside homeschooling parents and support them in their efforts to educate their children at home. As we continue to build and improve our school, four key components are driving us: flexible support for parents, engaged and active learning, core subjects offered, and a drop-off program.  

Flexible Support for Parents
We offer a one- or two-day a week program for students. We have intentionally designed our school this way to make our school more affordable and to offer the amount of desired support to parents. Some families simply cannot afford to send their child two days each week. By offering a one-day option, we make the school affordable to more families. We also recognize that the amount of support and guidance parents want from our school varies. Attending one day a week provides less support and guidance, allowing parents to have more freedom as they educate their students. Attending two days a week provides more support and guidance, as the more challenging content of classes are covered at school with supplemental homework being given to complete at home.
* If you are deciding whether one or two days is the right choice for your family, please read our online article “Should I Send My Child to 3:17 for One Day or Two Days?”

Engaged and Active Learning
We believe learning is best accomplished when children are active and engaged. While seat work does have its place, most often our students will be found crafting, completing
experiments, presenting information, or discussing content. Academically, we lean toward a classical approach, but we also incorporate various other educational philosophies.

Core Subjects Offered
Our school teaches core subjects as well as electives. From the beginning it has been a goal of ours to teach core subjects so that our students’ experience at 3:17 enhances and propels their home learning forward. We teach Science, History, and Literature, as well as Composition for older students and Phonics for younger students. We also have Chapel on Tuesdays and Devotions on Thursdays. Our electives vary from year to year but have included Spanish, Music, Art, and PE. Additionally, optional after school programs for Tae Kwan Do and Drama were offered for the 2022-23 school year. We hope to offer both again for the 2023-24 school year.

Drop-Off Program
Homeschool parents are busy!!! We have built our school around being a 100% drop-off program. We require NO volunteering from parents at all. As homeschooling moms, we know how much you all are doing, and we don’t want to add one more task to your to-do lists! That said, if you WANT to volunteer, we have some needs you can meet such as organizing field trips or events.