"The NEPHS Charter" serves as our roadmap to the future. It is a statement of our values, purpose, mission, and strategy. Our values guide our purpose (why we exist) which reflects our mission (what we seek to achieve) which is how we realize our strategy (what we must do).

OUR VALUES (Our enduring beliefs)

We believe that education according to biblical principles is the core of all we do.

We believe that mutual support and involvement is central to the success of NEPHS.

We believe that people do their best when they feel pride in their contributions, when they are treated with dignity, and when their talents are encouraged to flourish in an environment that honors the Lord Jesus Christ.

We believe that prayer and encouragement fortifies our organization.

OUR PURPOSE (Why we exist)

We support and encourage home school moms and dads and promote and defend the sacred right to educate our children according to biblical principles.

OUR MISSION (What we seek to achieve)

We seek to raise our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, to be faithful witnesses to Christ.

We seek to raise our children to have a Christian impact on American culture.

We seek to educate our children to their fullest potential.

We seek to foster an environment that supports home school moms.

We seek to build a home school community that volunteers to serve others.

OUR STRATEGIES (The NEPHS plan of action)

We encourage our members to be fully committed to home schooling their children.

We facilitate sharing of home school related information among members.

We provide opportunities for members to meet and build community.

We listen to our members.

We study the home schooling community, anticipate needs, and provide an organization that satisfies those needs.