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Volunteer Positions

CHSA is powered by parents working together.  All CHSA families agree that:

  • everyone will select one volunteer position and 
  • one member of each family will be a gatekeeper for at least one hour at one home game


The following list includes a brief summary of each volunteer position, as well as a link to a more detailed description of duties where applicable.


Advertising Coordinator - advertise CHSA programs including summer camps, tryouts, and registration day.  Attend or leave CHSA flyers at homeschool co-ops or events.

Area Coops Contact List


Alumni Coordinator – keep connected with CHSA basketball, golf, and volleyball alumni by updating contact information and sending out notices/invitations to homecoming and other events.  Update CHSA Facebook page and post information on the forum as needed.


Banquet Committee - secure a banquet venue, cater/food choices, decorate, host, plan programs, order award plaques, manage registration, send out emails, and collect money.  Volunteers are needed for both the basketball banquet (usually in April) and volleyball banquet (usually in November).


Door Sign Committee - make maroon and gold identification door hangers for each basketball player’s hotel room door for all out-of-town tournaments.


Fundraising Committee - duties include coordinating fundraising events for CHSA.  This includes Kroger, Scrip, and any other fundraising possibilities.  Contact businesses for donations and oversee sponsor t-shirts.

Kroger Coordinator - duties include setting up the program with Kroger, review the process at registration day, create a sheet for members for registration day, and post information to the forum. 

Scrip Coordinator - duties include being the primary contact for Scrip, which involves the following tasks:  answer questions, write email advertisements for 1st and 15th of the month, distribute Scrip, and give speech at player/parent registration day.

 Shop with Scrip Coordinator Checklist


Gate Coordinator - organize a schedule of who will work the home gate and when, call to remind gatekeepers of their time slot.  Everyone serves gate duty since it does not count as a volunteer position; only the Gate Coordinator counts as a volunteer position.

 Gate Coordinator Checklist


Gym Coordinator - contact various gyms around the Pearland - League City areas for practices for all teams.  Coordinate these gyms with the coaches and be the contact person so the selected gyms can report school closures.  The coordinator will pass this information to the coaches.  This includes San Jacinto College for our home games and other events.  


Home Clock - each team needs someone to keep the clock at their basketball team’s home games and tournaments.


Homecoming Committee - duties include coordinating and overseeing the following tasks: decorate the home gym, make banners for the teams, emcee and operate the sound system, compile roster for emcee to use for halftime games, plan after-games activity, communicate with families about the event/cost.  Volunteers are needed for both the basketball homecoming (usually in January) and volleyball homecoming (usually in October).


Hotel Reservations Coordinator - make out-of-town block hotel reservations, place information on calendar, post on the forum in September and again in December.  Coordinator will need to obtain board approval to sign all hotel contracts.


Picture Day & Photo Committee - maintain CHSA's photo-sharing website and assist CHSA members as needed with uploading photos to be both viewed and downloaded/copied, as well as helping select pictures for the year-end banquet.  Coordinate Picture Day in February: obtain a photographer, reserve gym, hand out and collect order forms and money, help organize teams and keep the day rolling smoothly.  On Picture Day, a separate picture of each team must be taken for Nationals.  Volunteers are needed for Basketball Picture Day only.   


Scheduler - work with coaches and other programs to create the schedule of hundreds of games our CHSA families enjoy each season.  Most of the work is done for this year, so basically help confirm games each week.


Score Book - each team needs someone to keep the official scorebook for all games.  Experience and training are crucial, so approval of head coach is required.


Senior Night & Pep Rally Committee (usually in March) - coordinate decorations: flowers, balloons and banners, prepare agenda for senior recognition, recruit volunteers to officiate, send out email requesting adjectives for our basketball and volleyball seniors and compile for emcee.  Create agenda for pep rally and recruit volunteers and speakers for pep rally.  Players on younger teams (not attending Nationals) are introduced.  

Senior Night Coordinator


Sound - transport the sound system to and from basketball home games, run the sound system during pre-game and halftime with Board-approved music.


Team Mom - tasks vary according to what the coach wants:  communicate to team any changes in games or practices, collect orders and checks when special orders go out, help distribute uniforms when they come in, collect money, help the coach stay organized, help ‘guide’ new families in their team through their 1st year in CHSA and answer their questions.  Click on the links below for much more on Team Mom duties and suggestions and recommendations from veteran Team Moms.

Team Mom Duties, Responsibilities, Recommendations

Team Mom Calendar Guide


Tournament Scheduler - a tournament scheduler handles all the tournaments for the program:  registration, fees, brackets, submissions.  The schedulers would help coordinate and communicate information to the coaches, CHSA players and teams registered via the calendar and forum.   


Tryout & Registration Coordinator - help plan and organize what is needed for tryouts and registration.  This will involve assisting coaches at tryouts by helping players register and answer questions.  Send out emails to remind CHSA players of the date and to pre-register online.  Acquire volunteers for both the girls and boys tryouts to assist with collecting forms or whatever the coaches may need.  Plan registration day:  locate a venue, obtain volunteers, plan the program for the event.  Followup with families after tryouts and registration until membership is complete (forms, payment, etc).  

Registration Coordinator Duties


Uniform Committee - assign jersey numbers at registration, bring uniforms for players to decide the size needed, record uniform sizes, order new uniforms, work with treasurer to pay bill, sort and distribute uniforms to team moms for distribution.           


Volunteer Coordinator - recruit volunteers at tryouts and player/parent registration day, meet with volunteers at the beginning of the CHSA year, answers volunteers’ questions, and email reminders to volunteers as needed.


Website Committee - maintain calendar and website, research website capabilities, train CHSA members to use website.