Children's Program

Field Trip USA!

CHEF kids, ages 5-12, are invited to participate in a 2 day ‘field trip across America’ during the annual state convention! While parents attend workshops, children can enjoy sessions filled with hands-on activities that will enable them to explore the geography and highlights of the USA. The sessions will include devotions and songs as well as large and small group activities. Crafts, games and map activities will be used to teach the children interesting facts about our country. The sessions will be fun and educational with appropriate activities for the different ages included in the program.


CHEF is very excited about the dynamic duo that will be leading the children’s program this year. Cathy East and Cindy Harper are sisters, mothers, teachers and friends.  Cindy has a BS degree in Early Childhood Education and taught K5 and 1st grade. She also homeschooled her two girls and taught a variety of classes in her home school co-op and church. Cindy was a favorite among co-op teachers due to her delightful personality and ability to share her knowledge and love for learning. Cathy has a BS in Early Childhood Ed. and is currently in her 10th year of teaching K5. She is enthusiastic and much loved by current and former students alike.  She loves teaching and brings energy and excitement to her classroom.



In conjunction with our sessions on US geography, we are on a mission to get pictures of our young CHEF representatives, Field Trip Freddie and Sightseeing Sally, in all 50 states before the CHEF convention. We would be most grateful if you would download and print Freddie or Sally and photograph him/her near a state sign or landmark in any state you visit between now and June. Also, please ask friends and family across the US to help us so that all 50 states are covered. Once you have the photo, just upload it to the CHEF Facebook page. This will be a fun way to prepare your children for all they will be learning during our field trip across America!