About CHEF of Alabama

CHEF of Alabama was founded in 1988 as a statewide organization to provide a connection among homeschoolers, which was especially needed in the early days of homeschooling when curriculum choices were few, legal battles were manifold, and communication was done by either snail mail or phone trees. To further meet the needs of Alabama's homeschooling pioneers, the annual state convention was established. Curriculum providers offer invaluable assistance, speakers give  encouragement, inspiration and training, while attendees walk away refreshed and ready to tackle another year of homeschooling.

In these 28 years of dedicated service, the number of lives touched by the work of CHEF has been immeasurable.  As we celebrate our 28th anniversary in 2016, we do so with the same passion and dedication to the state's homeschooling families as we have the previous 27. To God be the glory!

Join with us as we work together to impact lives for eternity.

We exist to encourage home educators and promote a safe legal environment for homeschooling in Alabama.

The Christian Home Education Fellowship of Alabama was formed in 1988 with the mission to encourage home educators by providing information and resources and to promote a safe legal environment for home schooling in Alabama.

CHEF is a nonprofit corporation under IRC 501(c)(4). That means we are organized as a community development organization with emphasis in education from the Christian perspective. This type of organization allows us to provide services as a nonprofit tax-exempt entity while giving us the freedom to speak to legislative and public policy issues that might affect our constituency. We accept donations as a non-profit organization, but these donations are not tax deductible because of our  501(c)(4) status.

CHEF is governed by a self-perpetuating volunteer board of veteran home educators from across Alabama. Each family unit on the board has been active in local leadership for a number of years and brings to the board a wealth of experience in Christian home education.