Workshops by keynote speaker Bill Jack

“Whatever is the meaning of life?” “Whatever happens when one dies?” “Whatever is your highest value?”--questions that demand more than a “Whatever!” answer. The “Whatever!” answer of Secular thinking dampens and even squelches serious thought and attempts at engaged conversationinourculture. The“Whatever!”ofSecularismeveninvadesthechurch.Rather than be discouraged, take heart in God’s command in Deuteronomy 12:32. 

Simple Tools for Brain Surgery Part 2: Demolishing Ignorance and Apathy
“Would you agree the Bible teaches...that men are superior to women...that God helps those who help themselves...that Jesus’ main message was to love one another...?” Listen and watch in amazement at the responses from college students and people on the streets give when Bill Jack asks about their knowledge of Scripture. See how people love to display their ignorance. Learn how conversationally to destroy “arguments raised up against the knowledge of God.”—II Corinthians 10:5 

Artificial Authority
What can evangelical Christians, evolutionists and atheists have in common? The Pharisees wanted people to observe the law, but they forgot the purpose of the law and ended up honoring God with their lips but having hearts far away from Him. Learn how to recognize the masquerade of artificial authority when it parades in culture and even marches into church. 

Fortitudine Vincimus: (By Endurance We Conquer)
At the conclusion of the 19th century Britain had dominated the exploration of the world. One last plum remained—the Antarctic. Ernest Shackleton led an expedition to cross the continent itself. He failed—dramatically and gloriously. Christians can learn from his nearly legendary style and unmatched leadership skills when faced with seemingly overwhelming challenges to reaching the world for Christ. 

The Resolute
The search for British Arctic explorer Sir John Franklin and his missing crew of 128 men resulted in one of the more unique set of stories in history. Although men were lost and ships were abandoned, a third war between the U.S. and England was averted and the timbers of a ghost ship serve now as a reminder that Christians are to remain resolute in their mission. I Corinthians 15:58 

Get a Grip! (Teen Track)
What do the current leaders/celebrities in culture say is the most important advice they can give? What advice would you give someone? Learn the five key necessary ideas you need in order to have a fulfilled, well-rounded life. Come, get a grip!


Workshops by keynote speaker Linda Lacour Hobar

When Bible History and World History Meet Face to Face
Join Linda Lacour Hobar (author of The Mystery of History) to discover what happens when Bible history and world history meet face to face - literally!  Through stories, activities, literature, and much more, watch His-story unfold on one seamless, thought-provoking timeline.    

The Mystery of History – For All Ages!
Join Linda Lacour Hobar, author of the award-winning series, The Mystery of History, in discovering how to teach world history to the entire family. Using a “Chronological, Christian, Complete” approach, watch history come to life for Younger, Middle, and Older students of all learning styles with hands-on activities, games, dramatizations, feasts, trivia contests, creative research, and much more.

Mary and Martha Decide to Homeschool - A Workshop for Mary’s Only!
Let’s pretend that Mary and Martha decide to homeschool. Following their character, Martha would probably have all her plans in place (and be frustrated), and Mary would probably be at the feet of Jesus (and way behind schedule.) We all have a little of Mary and Martha is us, but this workshop is designed to encourage Mary’s who love the Lord and their children, but need help and structure to successfully homeschool. The presenter of this workshop is a self-proclaimed Mary (Linda Lacour Hobar, author of The Mystery of History) who managed to homeschool for 17 years, and still likes to talk about it.

The High Calling of Home Education
Need inspiration?  Need encouragement? Need clarity?  If you’re new to homeschooling, or have been teaching at home for years, it’s not uncommon to need a thoughtful look at “the high calling of home education.”   Join Linda Lacour Hobar, a veteran homeschool mom and the author of The Mystery of History, for a biblical and historical foundation for teaching your children at home, along with practical tools to assess student ability, teaching time, and methods of education. 

Beyond the Books – Take Away Thoughts for Heading Home
Academics are important!  But immeasurable blessings await the homeschool family that values real-life learning “beyond the books.” Join Linda Lacour Hobar, author of The Mystery of History and retired homeschool mom, for take away thoughts about teaching what matters most.  Head home refreshed, inspired, and encouraged!


Workshops by Kathy Lee

Confessions of a Fake Supermom
As a mother of ten, I am often called a supermom. Fact is; I am a fake! I have yelled, forgotten children, and even fed them cereal for dinner. If I am being REAL, even some of my social media posts are FAKE. In this presentation, I talk honestly about my failures as a mother and the beauty of overcoming those failures with love and forgiveness. You will leave encouraged and inspired to take on motherhood with fierce authenticity!

Turning Your Preschoolers into Life Long Learners
Is my child behind if they are not reading by four? Will my child be okay if they prefer to play in the mud instead of write their letters? How can I make sure that my child will be successful in school? Join me for a fun and creative presentation that will answer these and many other questions parents have about academic success. I will share how to create an amazing foundation for your child based on the latest in scientific research on brain development. This information packed session will help you prepare your child for lifelong learning, while making wonderful memories along the way!

The Balanced Home … making it all work.
Dear sweet friend, take a deep breath. Motherhood is hard. Motherhood is exhausting. Motherhood leaves us empty many days. I get it, I really do. The struggle is real. Trying to do it all can be completely overwhelming, especially if you want to maintain your sanity. In this presentation will talk schedules, menus, and REAL life planning as a mom. You will leave with the tools necessary create a balanced home.

Make it Count
In this world filled with technology and devices, intentional parenting is a MUST. Children get one shot at childhood and it is our job to make it count. In this presentation I will give you practical tips on how to engage and connect with your child. We will take a trip down memory lane that will make you laugh and possibly shed a few tears. Either way, you will be challenged and hopefully changed to take on parenting with a newfound passion.


Workshops by Monica Irvine

Raising our Boys to be Gentlemen 
Parents, this is such an important workshop if you are raising boys! We’ve got to do all that we can to help our boys understand that these life skills will directly impact every part of their life, both personally and professionally.These skills change lives and contribute to happier, healthier and more stable relationships. These skills are essential for true success. Dads, you will be so grateful you attended this as well. You can’t raise a gentleman if you’re not a gentleman. Let’s make sure we are. Don’t miss this!

Raising our Girls to be Ladies 
Our precious they know how special they truly are and are they confident enough in this truth that they will one day only accept the hand of a true gentleman? Today, our society is teaching girls that being a lady is a thing of the past. This is FALSE. Today’s young ladies need now more than ever to have conviction in what it means to be a lady, as they have an amazing opportunity to be an example to so many. Come, bring your daughters and listen to national motivational speaker and certified Etiquette Coach, Monica Irvine, teach what being a lady is all about. They will walk away inspired and excited to continue to learn the skills that will lead them to happiness. This is not just for moms…dads please come too.

Schedules...Helping Our Children to be Happy
One of the absolute greatest gifts we can give our children is a schedule. Studies show that keeping our children on a schedule & creating routines produces stability, calm, trust, discipline and most importantly, happiness. Yes, we’re busy. Yes, we don’t want to be burdened down with trying to stay on schedule. But’ve got to come and see and hear why scheduling gives us the freedom to have fun and to accomplish great things. You will walk away from this workshop with wonderful ideas to implement into your family schedule.

Necessary Skills that Every Teen must Master to Succeed both Personally and Professionally (Teen Track)
Why do you need to know etiquette to succeed? Do you want to fine a spouse??? Or a Job??? Proper Etiquette could very well change your life! Etiquette is so much more than which fork to use. It affects every single aspect of your life. Did you knw that proper etiquette and being well educated are in direct proportion to each other? How comfortable would you be in a room full of Senators, a room full of
Doctors? Have you ever gotten that "sick" feeling in your belly when you feel a little unsure of yourself, or uncomfortable in a certain situation? When you master "social etiquette", you won't have to fear unfamiliar situations anymore. You can go anywhere, be with anyone and be perfectly comfortable, confident and at peace. Come on, listen and learn. You'll thank me later.


Workshops by Dr. Sharon L. Snider

A Hidden Source of Learning and Behavior Problems?

Living with Sensory Processing Disorder

Homeschooling after Brain Injury


Workshops by Brandy Dahlen

Don't panic!  and other important tips for homeschooling through high school
This homeschooling through high school workshop will cover all those topics that overwhelm new to high school homeschoolers--including planning, curriculum, credits and transcripts, online classes, and more, with practical tips and advice for approaching the high school years with confidence.

What about college?  and other big questions while homeschooling through high school
This workshop will address issues related to homeschooling through high school, with an eye on preparedness for college.  Practical advice and tips will be discussed including AP credit and testing, ACT/SAT prep, dual enrollment, transcripts, and resumes, and much more, all to ensure your student is prepared through high school for future college plans.  


Workshops by Kristy Trent

How to Start Homeschooling
Learn the essential steps needed to start homeschooling.  Start with a good foundation and with the right information.

How to Plan School Days
You’ve decided to homeschool, but HOW do you homeschool?  How do you organize and plan those educational moments?  This workshop will give you some tools and direction to make the planning easier and more effective. 


Workshop by Gus and Irene Tucker

Homeschooling Family Dynamics That Work
Irene and Gus will talk about family dynamics and how they play an important role in the homeschooling family.  Because homeschooling is taking place, many families forget or ignore the importance of family life and just assume they have a good one because they are homeschooling.  The Tuckers give strategies that work and pitfalls to avoid. 


Workshops by Gladys Schaefer

Dyslexia and Home Based Education
Dyslexia affects one in five people and is hereditary.  When a smart child has unexpected trouble with reading, writing and math, it can point to dyslexia and its related issues.  Learning about the basic tenets of this learning difference will help educators recognize and respond appropriately.
Almost two million children participate in home-based education according to the U.S. Department of Education. The twenty first century is welcoming many families who find homeschooling the perfect fit for educating their children who learn differently. 
The educational philosophy of Charlotte Mason, a British educator, who taught that every child is born a person, offers a beautiful path for educating the dyslexic child. Considered the founder of homeschooling in America, Mason wrote six volumes on her educational philosophy. “It may be that the souls of all children are waiting for the call of knowledge to awaken them to delightful living.” 

Executive Function Workshop: Is Life Chaotic?
Is life chaotic? Lost schoolwork, late appointments, and messy rooms causing problems? Executive function issues may at the heart of the matter. In students and adults with dyslexia and other specific learning disabilities, problems with EF can make for a hurried, stressed out, challenging existence.
Join us as we learn ways to combat and overcome this giant in the land and to understand the WHY behind this issue. Come learn practical tools to create a more peaceful and productive life. Imagine gently starting the school day with everything you need at hand. Does the idea of being early to appointments with margin and joy in your life sound appealing?  We can all begin anew. Come start the journey with us.