Keynote address by Bill Jack

All Aboard!
Language lays the tracks that carry the ideas which result in consequences.  By asking four killer questions learn to tear up the tracks leading to destruction before our country is derailed.

Bill's Teen Track workshops are listed here.


Workshops by keynote speaker Israel Wayne

The Power of Affirmation
When you are trying to inspire and motivate children, there are two forces that are often exerted: Positive and Negative Reinforcement. In this session, Israel explains the importance of Affirmation as a way to inspire and motivate your reluctant child. Drawing from practical and Biblical examples, this session will help you to keep those important relational connections as you are attempting to impart knowledge.

Homeschooling: Preference or Conviction?
Why do you homeschool? When your children are grown, what will define success for you? What is a Biblical philosophy of education? This workshop will help you to focus on what is really important. Israel will share with you what has helped his family avoid burnout and frustration in the many years of homeschooling.

What about Socialization?
Do you know where the theory of peer group socialization originated? Learn what really drives the question: “What About Socialization?” Israel will go back in History and reveal the engineers behind modern social education theory. You may be surprised to learn what is truly behind this infamous question.

The History of the Homeschooling Movement
Over the past 6,000 years, homeschooling has been the primary form of education for nearly every culture worldwide. Compulsory government schooling has only been around in America since about 1840, but it is so pervasive that for most parents, public schooling is all they have ever experienced. The modern-day homeschooling movement has taken America by storm, with nearly 2 million students being home educated nationwide. Learn about the origins of the rebirth of home-based learning, and discover God’s purposes and plans for the future of the homeschooling movement.

Passing the Baton (Leaving a Legacy)
The goal of every Christian parent is to equip our children to love God, love people and be prepared to face the “real world.” From watching the homeschooling movement for over 30 years, Israel has noticed some common pitfalls, or mistakes, that Christian parents often make in relating to their children. Learn how to avoid some of these common “potholes” in the road.

Revival in the Home
Families in America are under attack. Teenage rebellion, divorce, juvenile delinquency, emotional disorders, and relational dysfunction are way too common, even among church-goers. Studies show that the majority of Christian youth abandon the Christian faith sometime around high school graduation. How can you have a godly family in the midst of such a worldly culture? This workshop will provide practical and Biblical answers.


Workshops by featured speaker Sonya Shafer

The Five Flavors of Homeschooling
The world of homeschooling is a lot like the world of food. You know that you want to provide nutritious meals for your children’s minds, but there are so many possibilities for what that food could look like and taste like. Join Sonya for a simple overview of five main approaches to homeschooling: traditional, classical, Charlotte Mason, unit studies, unschooling. Find your preferred “flavor” and learn how to choose and use curriculum successfully.

Charlotte Mason and Her Methods
Join Sonya for a practical and encouraging overview of the gentle yet effective methods used in the Charlotte Mason approach, including living books, short lessons, fine arts, history, dictation, narration, copywork, poetry, and more.

Laying Down the Rails
Discover the secret to smooth and easy days: habit training. Learn how to instill good habits, which habits Charlotte Mason encouraged parents to cultivate in their children, and practical tips for cultivating the Top Three.

The Early Years: Homeschooling Your Preschooler
Give your child what is most important. Instead of academic or social pressures, Charlotte Mason encouraged mothers to give their little ones a full six years of developing good habits, getting acquainted with nature, exploring with the five senses, growing in their spiritual lives, and more. Learn how to give your child a quiet growing time.

When More Is Less: A Call to Simplicity in Your Schedule, Your Home, and Your Children’s Education
It’s easy to get caught up in the mentality that we’ve got to add more: we must do more, we must get more, and our children must study more. More, more, more! But the funny thing is that when we keep adding more, we usually end up with less of what really matters. Come discover the richness that simplicity can bring to your schedule, your home, and your children’s education.

Looking Past the Fear
Making the decision to homeschool may not be an easy one, and sticking to your decision may become even harder when the inevitable challenges arise. This workshop provides an encouraging look at God’s response to five fears that homeschooling moms face: fear of what God is calling you to do, fear of being inadequate for the job, fear of what might happen in the future, fear of ridicule or rejection, and fear of our weak areas ruining our children. Learn how to rely on God’s guidance and the strengths He has provided you, and to trust Him to take you through your areas of weakness.


Workshops by featured speaker Joyce Herzog

Secrets Teachers Never Tell
Joyce’s most popular workshop! Often ‘standing room only.’ Learn 12 SECRETS that will simplify your life AND enhance your teaching! Learn how to begin the year, what months are more conducive to learning, what to do when the year isn’t long enough, how children learn and so much more. Joyce draws from over 30 years experience to present concepts that make your job more effective and reduce stress. You’ll laugh, you’ll learn and a LOAD will be lifted from your shoulders.

Learning in Spite of Labels
Come see into the heart of your struggling learner – even if he is gifted in some areas. Discover the underlying problem, look at his strengths and learn some strategies to get moving in the right direction. You’ll laugh, you may cry, you will learn!

Rx for YOUR Special Needs
Whether you are working with a learner who is learning disabled, ADD/ADHD, Down’s Syndrome, or autistic, you will find help here. From general tips to specific helps to resources; this workshop provides it all.

Multi-Level Teaching is for YOU! 
Learn three simple as ABC ways to get started into multi-age teaching. Experience teaching and learning in a new way. How can YOU successfully teach more than one child at very different levels without “reinventing” everything all the time? Receive a list of questions to spark learning on any topic. Learn what it means to “really” teach. Participate as it works with a really large group! Learn the steps of good teaching. And have fun – but you’ve got to listen fast! One hour chock-full of learning!

Motivating Reluctant Learners
Look BACK, see what happened. Then turn it around!  If you have one or more children who are reluctant to dig in and learn, this workshop is for you! Discover that you are not alone; learn how it got this way and how to turn it around.


Workshop by featured speaker Dewitt Black

Legislative Update


Workshop by guest speaker Christy Bell

A Word for Weary Moms
Everyday moms are called upon to stand as a protective wall against everything the world throws at their children. This task is often too heavy for moms to carry alone. Even with family and friends alongside to help, the weight can be unbearable. How can moms survive? Christy has a “Word for Weary Moms” and the answer might surprise you!


Workshop by guest speaker Dale Callahan

High School - Keeping the End in Mind
Our culture has us thinking that high school is the path to college. But what is college the path to? Our educational system has become like a factory - punching out little minions into the workplace by the masses. Yet, most have done so without seeking their God given abilities and their calling. This model (that most of us followed) is old and worn and is now falling apart.

How can we make better decisions and teach our children to make decisions. We need to think with the end in mind. What is the goal? Who is the best advisor to tell me about the goal? How do I decide now the best path to prosper?


Workshop by guest speaker Cassidy Cash

Strategies For Helping Math Make Sense (no matter what curriculum)
No matter what grade your high school student is in right now, I will offer you three sure fire strategies to help math make more sense. If you find yourself sitting across the table from your student and the textbook confuses you both, this is the workshop for you. I'll address common problems, major obstacles to watch out for, and deliver sound strategies you can use right now to help ease frustration and find understanding in math—no matter what textbook you are using. Every attendee leaves with a free classroom activity to take home.


Workshop by guest speaker Jordan Crenshaw

The Homeschool Edge
The Homeschool Edge will highlight the advantages of homeschooling when transitioning to college. This session will also share helpful tips to consider as your begin your high school and college careers.


Workshops by guest speaker Brandy Dahlen

Don't panic!  and other important tips for homeschooling through high school
This homeschooling through high school workshop will cover all those topics that overwhelm new to high school homeschoolers--including planning, curriculum, credits and transcripts, online classes, and more, with practical tips and advice for approaching the high school years with confidence.

What about college?  and other big questions while homeschooling through high school
This workshop will address issues related to homeschooling through high school, with an eye on preparedness for college.  Practical advice and tips will be discussed including AP credit and testing, ACT/SAT prep, dual enrollment, transcripts, and resumes, and much more, all to ensure your student is prepared through high school for future college plans.  


Workshops by guest speaker Hettie P. Johnson, M.A., CCC/SLP

Build a Better Brain: More success with less stress! 2 part workshop
The brain must feel safe in order to learn, yet students who struggle often experience brain shut-down as a result of frustration. These presentations will teach explicit strategies we ALL can use to tame anxiety and keep our brains OPEN for learning.
Participants will learn brain-friendly, multisensory strategies to improve not only reading, writing, and spelling but also to improve learning for all ages and subjects. The plan is for us all to be more joyful teachers and learners!


Workshops by guest speaker Kristy Trent

How to Start Homeschooling
Learn the essential steps needed to start homeschooling.  Start with a good foundation and with the right information.

How to Plan School Days
You’ve decided to homeschool, but HOW do you homeschool?  How do you organize and plan those educational moments?  This workshop will give you some tools and direction to make the planning easier and more effective.