Frequently Asked Questions


What is CUBS?

CUBS is an annual consignment sale created to assist families in selling their used educational products. You must be registered for the full convention to participate in CUBS.

What can I buy at CUBS?

We have everything education related.  From textbooks, workbooks, to fun and games, we strive to provide a large assortment of gently used items for a variety of grades and ages at great prices!

Do I have to sell items to shop at CUBS?

No. Anyone who participates in the full convention may shop at CUBS.

Why should I shop at CUBS?

Buying used books is a great way to supplement your current curriculum, get gently used curriculum at great prices, and save money.

Why should I sell my used curriculum at CUBS?

CUBS is an easy way to earn extra money for your used, gently handled educational items. You simply select the items you wish to sell, bring them to CUBS, and we sell them for you.

Do I have to sell books to be able to volunteer?

No. Anyone who registers for the full convention can be a volunteer. 

Why should I be a volunteer?

Volunteers shop early and get the best choice of books.



When can I shop?

Anyone can shop from 12:30 PM to 4:30 PM on Thursday. Volunteers shop from 9:45 AM to 10:30 AM on Thursday.

Why do volunteers get to shop early? 

Volunteers make CUBS a success. When a volunteer works 1-1/2 hours, that volunteer is allowed to come to the pre-sale to choose their books first. To find out more about becoming a volunteer, read VOLUNTEER AT CUBS below.

What types of payment do you take?

We take CASH or CHECKS ONLY. We do not take credit or debit cards.

Can I pick out my books and pay later?

No. We do not hold books. If you leave books in a stack without payment, we will place them back on the tables for others to purchase.



I have never sold books at CUBS before. How to I get started? 

1.Email the CUBS Administrator at to get a SELLER ID#. That number will never change.

2.Print out the SELLER INFO PACKET on the CUBS homepage. Read the General Information & Policies section of the check-in form carefully.

3.Label your materials according to the form listed in the SELLER INFO PACKET.

4.Complete the check-in form making sure to sign it.

5.Bring it and a self-addressed stamped envelope with you to drop off your books on Thursday morning between 8:00 and 9:00 AM. It’s that easy!

Do I need a new SELLER ID# to every year?

No. Your SELLER ID# does not change. If you can’t remember your SELLER ID#, email the CUBS Administrator at

What kind of items can I sell?

Only gently handled educational items in good condition will be considered. (Books, manipulatives, games, videos, resource books, etc.) If you have a question about a particular item, please email the CUBS Administrator at Torn, ripped, missing parts or otherwise undesirable items are not accepted. No exceptions! We reserve the right to pull items that don’t meet CUBS standards at any time during the sale. We do not sell clothing or household items.

How do I know what price to put on items?

Price to sell! Even the newest items should not be priced more than 1⁄2 the original retail price. To determine an appropriate price, start at 1⁄2 price & work your way down according to use of the item. 1/3 of retail price is a good target range. Remember to price only in $.50 units ($5.00, $5.50).

How do I label books in a set?

On each item label in the product description section, use the phrase, “1 in a set of...” to indicate the item as a part of a set. Label the price as “$$ for the set of ...”. For example,   I want to sell a math textbook that comes with a student workbook. My label for the textbook would say “Math 65 Student Textbook and Workbook, 1 in a set of 2.” Price: “$20.00 for set of 2.” On the workbook the label would say “Math 65 Student Textbook and Workbook, 2 in a set of 2.” Price: “$20.00 for set of 2.”

Why do I have to pay 20% and a $3.00 administrative fee?

CHEF provides an easy way to help you earn the most money without sacrificing time spent at the conference selling your own books. The fees involved are used to offset the costs CHEF incurs to make CUBS smooth and successful. Remember, the more successful the sale, the more money you earn! 

Do I pay these fees up front?

No. The fees are taken out of your earnings before we mail you the check.

How do I know which books sold?

Sellers are responsible for keeping their own inventory of items. Compare the items you pick up on Friday with your list to determine what items sold. CUBS does not maintain a list of items sold.  

Is there a table for FREE resources?

Yes. Anything you want to give away for free can be placed on a separate table labeled FREE. Please label free items, as well.

Why do I have to sell 10 items to be considered a seller? 

We understand it takes effort to label items and bring them to sell. However, we also want to make it worth your time and effort. Remember, the more you sell, the more money you earn!



I’ve never been a volunteer. How do I get started?

1.Look at the CUBS Volunteer Schedule and choose the times that would work best for you.

2.Email the CUBS Administrator at Include your name, email address, phone number and the times you would like to work. The CUBS Administrator will check the schedule to see if that time slot is available and email you back. We do our best to fit your schedule, but volunteers are scheduled on a first come basis. Schedule early for the best times!

What do I do as a volunteer?

Volunteers remove labels from purchased items, operate adding machines to total sales, and complete transactions. They also organize items on tables to make buying easier for shoppers.

Do I have to sell items to be a volunteer?

No. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A SELLER to volunteer. Anyone registered for the full convention can volunteer.

Can I bring a guest to shop early with me?

Only those with the pre-sale admission ticket may enter the early sale. One pre-sale admission ticket will be issued for each shift worked. If you would like to bring someone to shop with you, encourage them to volunteer also, or you may work more than one shift.