How To Join TCHE

Thank you for your interest in the Tri-City Home Educators (TCHE) home school group. We have been serving home school families in the Tri-City area (Newcastle, Blanchard/Bridgecreek, Tuttle) and surrounding areas since 1993.


Tri-City Home Educators was founded as a group of Christian homeschoolers needing and desiring like-minded support and fellowship. We are, by design, a Christian group. We are not, however, associated with any denomination. Each family is to instruct their children in Scripture, in accordance with their own interpretations and convictions. Our mission is to continue to encourage our member families in the growth of their children educationally, spiritually, and physically.


TCHE believes homeschooling, at its core, is parent taught, parent led, and non-government funded education. Therefore, we do not allow membership by families participating in PSAH (Public School at Home) programs, including, but not limited to, K-12 and Epic. If your family is currently enrolled in a government funded program, we would like the opportunity to assist you in withdrawing from the program and provide you with information and support to enable you to be a part of our group.

 We reject the anti-Christian tenets of secular humanism, including the general theory of evolution, one-world government, government-mandated sex education, government-mandated parenting courses, modern feminist ideology, abortion and the promotion of homosexuality as an alternate, acceptable lifestyle.

Before you begin the registration process, please take a moment to read our Bylaws and Statement of Faith. If you are in agreement with the Statement of Faith and willing to abide by the Bylaws of TCHE, you may continue with your registration. If not, thank you for visiting the TCHE Homeschool Group and blessings on your homeschool journey.


Families are approved for TCHE membership two ways. First, a family may join TCHE through a referral from a current TCHE family. If you know someone who is a member of TCHE, please e-mail that member’s name to


Once we confirm your association with a current TCHE member, you will be approved to continue with the registration process. When the process is complete, you will receive a notification e-mail stating the status of your request for membership. Families who do not know any current TCHE members will need to attend a TCHE event so that our leadership may have an opportunity to meet you. This informal meeting allows us to get to know your family a little bit, and gives you an opportunity to ask questions to insure TCHE is a good fit for your family. We host several events throughout the year, including a co-op which meets weekly.


Please e-mail our leadership team at if interested in pursuing membership, and we will promptly let you know when we can set up a time to meet you. Again, this meeting is more of an informal conversation rather than a formal interview.


In the meantime, please review our Bylaws as well as our Statement of Faith located on our website.


If you are approved for membership, you will be required to acknowledge that you agree with the bylaws and Statement of Faith as part of the registration process. We look forward to supporting your family as you home school. If you have any questions please feel to e-mail us at