Homeschooling in Tennessee... Legally

There are many views on when and if you should have legal coverage

"What if I am only teaching kindergarten?  I've never known anyone that had legal issues in this day and age of homeschooling.   I thought that you only needed that for high school. "

If you have questions or thoughts such as these, or any others, these sites may be useful:


Anyone homeschooling in Memphis or the surrounding areas should seriously consider joining Memphis Area Home Education Association.  MHEA members enjoy many benefits, but your paid membership also supports THEA.

If you and your family would like to become members of MHEA, but are experiencing financial hardship, you may apply for assistance in the form of a one-time annual MHEA Benevolence Membership.  Please print the application and return it to MHEA.  You may also turn it in to one of the BWC leaders and we will make sure that MHEA receives it.  

Click the link below to download the MHEA Benevolence Membership Application: