BWC Field Trip Sign-Up Procedure


- Field trip sign-ups for which money must be collected in advance will be handled at our monthly meetings.  Payments must be made in cash only.


-For most of our free field trips or events, we will take sign-ups on the website calendar.  An exception might be if there is a low limit of participants; in which case we would have sign-ups at the monthly meeting and then take more sign-ups on the calendar if the event is not full.


-When signing up for a field trip or other event, please make note of the details and mark your calendars.  We may issue a reminder, but it is not guaranteed.  We are busy, homeschooling moms as well.  Please keep up with the details of the events/field trips/jobs that you have signed up for. 


-No refunds will be given for a field trip or event that is unattended, unless it has been cancelled by the coordinator or the venue.  If you have signed up for an event and are unable to attend, it is recommended that you find another BWC family (needing the same number of spots) to take your place.  It will then be your responsibility to collect any monies owed to you by this family.  Also, please remember to contact the coordinator to let him/her know who will be taking your place. 


-If you are interested in setting up a field trip for our group, please read the information on the website (Field Trip Guidelines; link is on the left side). 


-If you have any questions regarding this process, or if you would like to set up a field trip, please contact Heather Proffer at animaltrainer@profferzoo.com