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Co-op Rules

 Parents ETC Co-op Rules

Sign-ups for clean-up duty will be offered via our PETC calendar.  You must sign-up for your required # of duties by the Wednesday before co-op classes begin each semester (fall and spring).

Clean up time is immediately after co-op classes end at 12:30pm.  The # of clean-up duties will depend on how many families we have participating in a co-op session.  Please note:  You will have duties for each co-op session in which your family participates.  There is no opt out fee. 

***It is your responsibility to notify one of the co-op cleaning director (Amie Sanchez) and find a replacement should you not be able to clean on your chosen day.***

Failure to fulfill your duties will result in suspension of PETC classes and activities.  Your access to our website will be suspended as well.

Children may only attend age appropriate classes. Some exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis and must be approved by the co-op teacher and co-op director.

Parents are responsible for all children (not in classes).

Children cannot be dropped off. A responsible adult must be on the premises at all times.

If your child has a special need, please make sure the co-op director and teacher are aware. You must get permission from the teacher to be able to attend the class with your child(ren).

Discipline Procedures:
Our teachers will use the following guidelines in dealing with disruptive students:
1)  Verbal warning to student
2)  Addressing issue with parent
3)  Removal of student from class (the number of classes can vary based on the teacher and the offense).

Due to the high demand for co-op classes, we do not offer refunds once registration closes. 

Please be prompt. Children arriving late cause disruptions and may not be permitted entrance by the teacher, hall monitor, co-op directors, or co-op assistant directors.  

Responsibility for all damage or harm caused by the parent, their guests, or their child(ren), to other persons, other persons’ property and/or any property being used by Parents ETC, is solely that of the parent.

I have read and understand the above rules. I realize that failure to follow any of these co-op rules or violating any of the Parents ETC Membership Agreement, could result in removal of my child(ren) from current co-op classes as well as participation in future classes or other PETC activities.