YHSA Park Days

Thinking about hosting a Park Day? This is a great time of fellowship for moms and socializing for the children. Being a Park Day Hostess is an easy way to serve. All that is required is choosing a date, time, and park. Email, text, or call me and let me know so I can put it on the calendar. Then welcome the families to the park and introduce them to others in attendance.

You can make up a sign to sit near you that says "YHSA" so that other mom's can easily spot you. Also, it seems to help if you personally invite people and tell them to personally invite people.

Park Days are an Outreach program so you do not have to be a YHSA member to come. Invite your friends who are interested in homeschooling to come out and chat with veteran homeschooling moms.

Liz Kehr 

Lak85333@verizon.net or 717-968-5914

Park Day Schedule: (See YHSA calendar for more details.)

August 5, 2015 12-2 Rocky Ridge Park

August 13, 2015 10-2 Eli Emig Park (Hellam)

August 25, 2015 11-2 Splash Park (Red Lion)