Elective Classes

Personal Finance (fall semester only)

Class Description:

Saving, budgeting, debt, consumer awareness, bargain shopping, investing, retirement, insurance, 
money and relationships, careers, taxes, and giving are among the subjects of this class.
Dave Ramsey's Foundations in Personal Finance for Homeschool will guide the content of the class.
Grades will be based on classroom participation and completion of homework.
Prerequisite:  None
Tutor: Jan Sands
Class Length: One Semester, Fall 2015


Grade Level:  Grades 9-12

Class Size: 5 student minimum, 20 student maximum

Tuition: $175 per semester

Textbook Requirement:

Each student will need his or her own copy of  the following worktext. 

There are other editions available, so be sure you are getting the book shown in the following link.

Foundations in Personal Finance for Homeschool Student Text

Homework: Homework will vary, but will be about 2-4 hours per week.


World Religions

Class Description:

This class will be a study of all the major world religions, their history, sacred writings, culture, and tenets. This will include Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and more. We will also study broader categories of worldview and belief systems (monotheism, polytheism, animism, atheism, etc.). The class will include readings both from a world religions book and from various sacred texts, and will include field trips to religious institutions in the Twin Cities. The primary focus of the class will not be apologetic but missional, to equip students with understanding in order that they may better love their neighbors throughout the world, and better love God, the author of truth and salvation.

Prerequisite: None

Tutor:  Kristina Eaton

Class Length: Full Year Course

Grade Level: Grades 9-12

Class Size: 5 student minimum, 15 student maximum

Tuition:  $170


Text: Students need to purchase their own textbook:
 Wilkinson, Philip. Illustrated Dictionary of Religion. New York: Dorling Kindsley, 2006.
ISBN# 0-7566-2018

Supplies: 3 ring binder for class notes

Homework: 2 hours a week 

Sewing I & II

NOTE:  Sewing II has a prerequisite of Sewing I or consent of the tutor.

Class Description:

To provide a basic knowledge of sewing or to expand upon the students’ skills that they might already have. Students will gain a basic knowledge of how to sew with a machine, how to thread the upper and lower threads, use the different stitches that are available on their machines, and identify the different parts of a sewing machine. They will learn how to use the basic sewing tools and how to read and use a pattern. The students will sew 3 or 4 different projects by themselves each semester.

Prerequisite: None

Tutor: Chris Carl

Class Length: Full Year Course

Grade Level: Grades 5-12

Class Size:  5 student minimum

Tuition: $165 per semester

Homework: TBD

Required Supplies:

  • A sewing machine
  • A seam ripper
  • Straight pins with the little colored balls at the end
  • Sharp scissors
  • White and blue marking pencils
  • A metal sewing ruler
  • Empty bobbins
  • White and black thread
  • A box to keep all of the supplies in

Cooking for Real Life  

Class Description:

Cooking with whole foods is becoming a lost art. Come learn how to take simple ingredients and turn them into delicious (and nutritious) meals, snacks, and treats that will fuel your body for optimal health. We’ll get back to the basics by learning how to peel, chop, blend, juice, and prepare a variety of dishes including smoothies, soups, salads, sides, snacks, and many more tasty treats. This fun, hands-on class will equip students with valuable, life-long cooking skills, create confidence in the kitchen, and instill sound nutritional principles. Bring your sense of adventure and your appetite!

Prerequisite: None

Tutor: TBD

Class Length: Full Year

Grade Level: Grades 6-12

Class Size: 5 student minimum, 9 student maximum

Tuition: $185 per semester

Homework: TBD

Text/Supplies: None

Light Bearer’s Worldview

Class Description:

Students will learn how “ideas have consequences.” What one thinks and the ideas one believes determines how he or she views the world and lives one’s life. This course will guide students in their exploration of the foundations of the Christian worldview while comparing these to the foundations of other, competing worldviews. Students will learn how to apply their Christian faith to every area of life: theology, philosophy, ethics, biology, sociology, psychology, law, economics, and history.

Summit Ministries; “Light Bearers” curriculum will provide the core guidance through topics such as apologetics, cults, evolution, naturalism, moral relativism, relationships, and socialism.

Prerequisite: Curiosity, a desire to think and ask questions

Tutor: Jeff Herringshaw

Class Length: Full Year

Grade Level: Grades 8-12

Class Size: 5 student minimum, 20 student maximum

Class Tuition: $175 per semester

Homework: Weekly writing and workbook assignments




Study Skills

Class Description:  

In this class, students will learn strategies for making study time more fruitful and efficient.  Areas of focus include healthy study habits, note-taking skills, memory tools, graphic organizers, word identification skills, math and spelling tools, and test-taking strategies.   

Prerequisite: None

Tutor:  Jennifer Holt

Class Length:  Fall Semester Only

Grade Level:  Grades 7-12

Class Size: 5 student minimum, 20 student maximum

Tuition:  $160 plus a $20 handout fee payable on the first day of WEST, cash or check written out to Jennifer Holt.

Homework: 1-2 hours/week

Textbook Requirements:  No text required.  Tutor will supply copies of SOAR Study Skills book for reading throughout the semester, as well as additional handouts.  

Supplies:  A key component of this class is organization.  Please bring the following to class on the first day: one 1" binder with pockets on the inside cover, one set of binder dividers (preferably with pockets), one file folder for each class you are taking this semester, and loose-leaf notebook paper.  I will provide planner pages (weekly and monthly), unless you have a planner you prefer to use.


Basic Photography 

Class Description: 

This course will introduce students to the basics of photography. We will look at the art of composition, basic photography terms and techniques (i.e. ISO, shutter speed, aperture, filling the frame, Rule of Thirds), lighting, and the various types of photography, among other thingsStudents will be given opportunities to express their unique creative flare, with the goal of each student coming away with a better understanding of photography, how to use their camera, and how to express themselves through picture taking. 
This year-long course will take a hands-on approach as students will have the opportunity to learn through experimenting with the topics we are discussing. Students will be challenged to look at the world around them in a new way as we seek to see God's beauty and creativity in our photography. Students will have the chance to showcase some of their work at the end of each semester. Those who have taken the class before are welcome to take the spring portion again, as it will be similar but will also give students the chance to grow and develop more skill in the various types of photography and lighting. 
Tutor: Kari Smith
Class Length: Full Year Course
Grade Level: Grades 7-12
Class Size: 8 student minimum, 16 student maximum
Tuition: $175 
Homework: 1-2 hours/week on average
Equipment Requirements: Students must have access to a DSLR camera (preferred) or a point and shoot camera, the instruction manual for that camera, a tripod (optional) and have the ability to submit digital assignments to tutor electronically as well as print off some assignments
Supplies: notebook and pen/pencil for taking notes, folder for handouts
*NOTE: With the approval from the tutor - Students who know how to take pictures on manual mode and have a good grasp of basic composition as well as ISO, shutter speed, and aperture may sign up for spring semester without having taken fall semester. 

ACT Test Prep

Class Description:

This course is designed to guide students through strategies that will help them prepare for the ACT Test. Students will be familiarized with the general content and structure of the ACT and strategies both for studying strategically and for taking the test strategically on exam day. Throughout the 6 or 7 weeks, students will study each portion of the test: English, mathematics, reading, science, and writing. Throughout the course, they will take practice exams and diagnostic exams to determine each student’s individualized study needs.

Prerequisite: None

Tutor: Heather Kipp

Class Length:  This class meets for 6 weeks for Fall Semester/7 weeks for Spring Semester

Fall Session: - Six Mondays: September 12 to October 17, 2016

Spring Session - Seven Mondays:  January 9 to February 20, 2017

Grade Level:   10th – 12th grade students planning to take the ACT test within the next year; or by approval of instructor

Class Size: 5 student minimum, 20 student maximum


Homework:  Homework will be given each week to guide initial student preparation for the ACT.  It will include study skill activities, ACT practice and diagnostic exams, practice activities for each test content area, and individualized study assignments.

Textbook Requirements:  

  • Fall students should purchase their own copy of Cracking the ACT with 6 Practice Tests, 2016 Edition by Princeton Review.  ISBN-13: 978-1101881989.  It can be purchased from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or another retailer of your choice.
  • Spring students should purchase the new 2017 edition which will be available in December 2016.  Students will be informed of the correct ISBN number prior to the start of class.

Supplies:  If possible, students should also bring the scientific or graphing calculator that they intend to use when they take the ACT test.