Social Studies Classes

World Religions


This class will be a study of all the major world religions, their history, sacred writings, culture and tenets. This will include Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and more. We will also study broader categories of worldview and belief systems (monotheism, polytheism, animism, atheism, etc.). The class will include readings both from a world religions book and from various sacred texts, and will include field trips to religious institutions in the Twin Cities. The primary focus of the class will not be apologetic but missional, to equip students with understanding in order that they may better love their neighbors throughout the world, and better love God, the author of truth and salvation.

Tutor:  Kristina Eaton

Tuition:  $170

Grade Level: 9th-12th


Class Size:  Minimum 5, Maximum 15

Text: Students need to purchase their own textbook:
 Wilkinson, Philip. Illustrated Dictionary of Religion. New York: Dorling Kindsley, 2006.
ISBN# 0-7566-2018

Supplies: 3 ring binder for class notes

Prerequisite:  None

Homework: 2 hours a week 


World History & Geography (Renaissance to Present)


This world history class will cover the Renaissance thru the Gulf War time periods.  As it is covering a large section of time, it will be a bird’s eye view of history giving the students the understanding of World events, how they shaped the world and changed it, and how it affects us today.  We will be discussing such large ideas as communism, nationalism and imperialism, and details like the Berlin wall, The Bible in common language, WWI, WWII , the Holocaust and the formation of Israel as a nation.

This course also contains a geography component which will allow you to count ½ credit of Geography along with a credit of History. 

While we will be using Notgrass World History textbook as our framework (volume 2 only), this class will be very project oriented helping students to directly connect with the history and make it relevant to them. 

Students will have reading to do each week, as well as maps, and projects that will enhance their understanding of the subject.  Classes will involve lecture, presentations, some speakers, group discussion and group work.  Students will work closely with Primary sources also during the year, and will learn how to use online resources like the Library of Congress and online Museums.  Students will also be taught note taking skills so they can record information given in class lecture times.  

Tutor Name: Kate Yoakam

Class Length:  Full year

Grade Level:  9th-12th  (8th grade for motivated student)

Tuition:  $170 per semester  plus $10 supply fee.  Supply fee will be collected the first day of class.  Cash or check.  Checks written out to Kate Yaokam.

Class Size:  Min 5 students / Max 20 students

  • Text:  Students will need to purchase
    • Exploring World History Volume 2 (2014 version only)  ISBN  978-1609990626  $39.95
    • In Their Words   Notgrass (2014 only) ISBN 978-1609990633 $29.95           
      • Texts can be purchased at Heppner’s legacy homeschool resources, or online from Notgrass or Amazon
    •  Mapping packet will be provided by instructor on the first day
    • Supplies: Students should also come prepared with
      • Pens /pencils
      • Spiral Notebook
      • Colored pencils at home for mapping work
      • 2 sets of folders for turning in assignments
      • Folders or 3 ring binder for organizing class notes and completed homework
      • Homework: Students should expect 4-5 hours of homework/week
  • Required : Internet access



Personal Finance (fall semester only)


Saving, budgeting, debt, consumer awareness, bargain shopping, investing, retirement, insurance, 
money and relationships, careers, taxes, and giving are among the subjects of this class.
Dave Ramsey's Foundations in Personal Finance for Homeschool will guide the content of the class.
Grades will be based on classroom participation and completion of homework.
Prerequisite:  none
Tutor: Jan Sands

Class Length: one semester, Fall 2015

Grade Level:  Grades 9-12

Tuition: $175 per semester

Class Size:  Minimum of 5;  Maximum of 20

Textbook Requirement:

Each student will need his or her own copy of  the following worktext. 

There are other editions available, so be sure you are getting the book shown in the following link.

Foundations in Personal Finance for Homeschool Student Text

Homework: Homework will vary, but will be about 2-4 hours per week.


American Government/Civics (High School Level - Fall Semester 2015)


Students will be introduced to the foundational principles of government, the branches of government, the concept of democracy and active, responsible citizenship.  Material to be discussed includes a biblical perspective of government, the components of the Constitution and its history, the Amendments, political parties, elections and more.  The students will also explore the United Nations organization, U.S. foreign policy, and the impact of globalization on our nation.  Students will participate in a mock trial and mock Congress.  This course will conclude with a study of state and local governments.

Tutor:  Robin Fraser

Tuition: $180

Grade Level:  8th – 12th

Class Length: Fall Semester

Class Size:  minimum of 5 students with a maximum of 20 students

Alpha Omega LIFEPAC Civics & Woorld Geography: Unit 2 Our National Government HS0902 / Unit 3 States & Local Government HS 0903
Alpha Omega LIFEPAC Government & Economics:Unit 2 United States Government HS1202 / Unit 3 American Party System HS1203
Selecting a President by Elenaor Clift and Matthew Spieler ISN 9781250004499

Materials:  3-ring binder with dividers and loose-leaf paper or spiral notebook

Prerequisite:  Desire to learn and analyze readings

Homework:  Students will be expected to spend approximately 2-3 hours per week on homework


Light Bearer’s Worldview


Students will learn how “ideas have consequences”. What one thinks and the ideas one believes determines how he or she views the world and lives one’s life. This course will guide students in their exploration of the foundations of the Christian worldview while comparing these to the foundations of other, competing worldviews. Students will learn how to apply their Christian faith to every area of life: theology, philosophy, ethics, biology, sociology, psychology, law, economics, and history.

Summit Ministries; “Light Bearers” curriculum will provide the core guidance through topics such as apologetics, cults, evolution, naturalism,
moral relativism, relationships, and socialism.

Tutor: Jeff Herringshaw

Class Length: Full Year

Grade Level: 8th – 12th grade

Class Tuition: $180 per semester

Class Size: 5 to 20 students


Prerequisite: Curiosity, a desire to think and ask questions.

Homework: Weekly writing and workbook assignments


Economics: (Spring Semester 2016)


Economics is all around us - Where does money come from?  Why does the iPhone cost so much?  Should I work for someone else or start a small business?  Students will be exposed to what economics is and how it applies to their lives on a daily basis.  Students will demonstrate an understanding of basic micro and macro economic concepts:  defining economics, free enterprise, supply and demand, market-clearing price, consumer/savers/investors, money and financial institutions in the United States and more.  This is a high school level course that will offer students the opportunity to learn about the economic system in America.

Textbook and Student Study Guide is provided by instructor and included in tuition

Tutor:  Robin Fraser

Class Length:  Spring Semester 2015 only

Grade Level:  8th - 12th

Tuition:  $180 per semester

Class Size:  Minimum of 5; Maximum of 20

Textbook Requirements:  Textbook and Student Study Guide is provided by instructor and included in tuition

Prerequisite:  None

Homework:  Students will be expected to spend 2-3 hours per week on homework



Middle School American History


This class will cover the very beginnings of our country up through WWII and possibly beyond.  The study of American History is the story of our ancestors and how they shaped a nation. We will explore this story through the eyes of the people who lived it using living books, biographies, field trips, speakers, hands-on activities, and first-hand accounts. The goal of this class is to bring American History to life for the students.

This will be a very projects-based class with some tests and quizzes. There will be 1-3 hours of homework given each week. There will be no textbook, but there is a $20 supply fee due the first day of class to cover the costs of books and other items for the students. There also may be costs throughout the year for field trips and special presentations that will not be mandatory.

Tutor:  Susan Kilbride

Class Length:  Full Year

Grade Level:  5th-7th

Tuition:  $175/semester plus a $20 supply fee payable to Susan Kilbride the first day of class

Class Size:  Minimum of 5; Maximum of 20

Textbook Requirements:  Text is supplied by teacher and included in the tuition/supply fee.  Students should come supplied with a binder and loose leaf paper.

Prerequisite:  None

Homework:  1-3 hours per week

Required:  Internet access