enlightened These homeschool-friendly links are provided for your use, as recommended by other HSCF families. Please keep in mind that HSCF does not necessarily endorse what another website may be selling, teaching, providing, etc. 

The first three Home Education Administrations listed are fully in support of homeschooling directed by parents; the parents retain their responsibility for educating their child & are under the Home Education Regulation (the law governing how homeschooling works in Alberta.) 

The remaining are School Boards which may offer a parent-directed option, but lean more toward or promote school-directed programs which are outside of the Home Education Regulation. The school board & teacher are responsible for administering your child's program under the School Act, even though your child is at home. (Blended is a combination of both parent-directed and school-directed programs.)

Consider your own family's reasons for homeschooling and discern accordingly when choosing your Supervising Authority, your Facilitator, Curriculum, Services, etc. so that you are well-matched in your goals & homeschool philosophy.

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