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Therefore you shall lay up these words of Mine in your heart and in your soul. You shall diligently teach them to your children... Deut 6:6-7


Responsibilities of Membership

  • The Family Directory and other benefits of membership are to be kept within our group in order to protect our members' privacy & security. 

  • Similarly, these benefits are for members only & not for your non-member friends. Do not sign others up for HSCF events under your membership; instead, invite them to join! 

  • Membership is not to be used for recruitment to or by a Board. 

  • All web pages on our HSCF site, including your optional family web pages, classifieds, business listings, etc., must honour copyright laws, and must not be illegal, immoral, etc., or promote information contrary to our Statement of Faith

  • Same with emails sent on our forum: etiquette is here. It is expected as part of membership that you have consented to receiving emails from our group.

  • Library resources must be returned on time. More info on Library Page.

  • Field trips or events requiring payment must be paid in full promptly. More info on Field Trips Page. Please note that field trips at HSCF are parent-initiated & parent attendance is required; field trips, events or activities are not 'drop offs'.

  • HSCF assumes no liability & all events & activities are at your own risk & responsibility. If your family chooses to participate in HSCF group events, please be informed about the nature & safety of each and of the appropriate conduct expected; you as the parent are solely responsible for your child/ren at all times. An organizer may additionally require you to sign a waiver for an event in which you choose to participate. 

  • It is understood that families may take photos at HSCF events. If a photo you have concerns about is published on our website, please contact the photo gallery coordinator or email the general HSCF admin.

  • If your family has been with us for more than a year or two, please volunteer however you can. There are lots of options, and we are all busy families!