Agnus Dei Catholic Home School Association

Types of Membership

1. Membership is open to all Catholic families who homeschool or are considering homeschooling their children from a Catholic perspective and accept our Statement of Faith and bylaws. 
2. Full Membership, as per Article II—Definition, includes eligibility for all Agnus Dei sponsored activities and events.  (ARTICLE II- Defintion: Homeschooling is defined as a privately-led, parent-directed education, requiring eligibility standards as an independent private school or home-study program as specified by the Department of Education of the State of Louisiana, and shall include children who have not yet reached the age of mandatory state registration.) 
3. Limited Membership is extended to those who have chosen alternative education at home yet do not meet the definition of homeschooling as outlined above in Article II— Definition.  These families are permitted to join Agnus Dei to participate in group Masses, activities, and field trips with the following limitations: a. Limited Members may not vote. b. Limited Members may not hold a position on the Board of Officers. c. Limited Members may attend but not participate in any graduation/promotion ceremony for Agnus Dei, with the exception of service awards. d. Limited Members may not receive identification cards, diplomas, or promotion/academic achievement certificates from Agnus Dei, with the exception of service awards. e. Limited Members may not participate in any Agnus Dei function/activity that requires homeschool status where the rules and guidelines are dependent on an authority outside Agnus Dei (i.e. academic teams, competitions, fairs, etc.) 
4. Legacy Membership is open to former Agnus Dei members who wish to support the group.  Dues for Legacy Members shall be $15 or half of the current membership, whichever is greater. 
5. Membership dues made payable to Agnus Dei CHSA must be submitted with completed application form, signed Mission & Statement of Faith and liability waiver at the time of joining the group in order for membership to be valid for Full, Limited, and Legacy Members. 
6. A yearly membership runs from July 1st to June 30th.