Requirements to teach at Learning Station:

1. Affirm our statement of faith.

2. Have something to share. We offer both "academic" and "enrichment" classes.

3. Be ready to make a semester-long or year-long commitment to teach one or more classes on Wednesdays. (See our independently contract teacher (ICT) agreement.)  (A semester may be 10 or 15 weeks depending on the type of class.)

4. Teaching certification is not required, but teachers must submit clearances (PA Criminal, PA Child Abuse and FBI clearances) in accordance with PA law.  

Check out the bios of some of our current teachers.  (The ULA designation indicates the teachers who are ICTs.)

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Must I have a teaching certificate to teach at Learning Station?

No.  While we do have some teachers who have teaching certificates, it is not a requirement.   

How much do ICT (independently contracted teachers) get paid?

ICT teachers set their own per-student class fees.  They also set the minimum number of students they will accept and still hold the class.  Currently, class fees fall between $60-100 per semester per student. 

Are teachers considered employees of Learning Station?

No.  Learning Station has no employees. Families make checks payable directly to the ICT teachers in whose classes their children are enrolled.

Do you enlist ICT teachers to teach elementary classes?

No. We only use ICT teachers for 7th-12th grade classes.  Our elementary classes are taught by members.

Who provides supplies for my class?

You should plan to either provide the needed supplies or require students to provide their own supplies.  Our teachers do have access to a copier and some basic office supplies.  We also have a number of science supplies, but other than that, teachers are expected to include supplies in their class fee or give the students a list of supplies to bring to class.

How can a class be worth a full credit if it only meets once a week?

One word...homework. Teachers can assign a significant amount of homework and expect that it be completed by the student with parental assistance if required.   A general guideline is that a full-credit course at Learning Station should be giving students between 3 to 4 hours of homework a week.  Alternatively, one full credit may be earned by covering 2/3s of a single credit textbook.   

What types of classes would you offer?

Our offerings are dependent upon our members and our ICTs.  While we try to schedule traditional, academic classes like biology, chemistry, algebra, speech, etc, we also value classes that you might not find in a public high school such as automotive care, crochet, Krav Maga, Ham Radio, Interior Design, Intro to Engineering, Finance, Sci-Fi Literature, Woodcarving, Carpentry, Small Engines...etc.  Those classes may be born from our teacher's training, work or life experience, interests, or hobbies.   

What about classroom discipline?

Classroom discipline is generally not an issue at Learning Station.    Students are involved in Learning Station by either their choice or their parent's choice or both.   So, they want to be there, and they want to learn. Should an issue arise, parents are easily accessible as is our upper level coordinator.  All will work with you to resolve any discipline problems.    You will find our students to be engaged in your class, respectful of your teaching, and grateful for your time.

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