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I understand that if I choose to enroll my student in Connections Academy Virtual or a similar K-12 tuition free online public school at home option that I am NOT eligible to join NHEA. Continue reading if you need more explanation.

Students enrolled in Connections Academy Virtual or a similar K-12 tuition-free online public school are not eligible to join NHEA.  The BESE board over Louisiana public education and the Connnections Academy Virtual consider their students to be enrolled in public school.  See their website here

Also see the FAQ section on their website that answers the below question:

Is the Connections Academy Virtual program homeschooling?  Although Connections Academy Virtual and homeschooling have some similar attributes, Connections Academy Virtual is not homeschooling. All Connections Academy schools are public school programs. Connections Academy Virtual schools provide a defined set of curriculum materials that have been specifically aligned to local standards and that use certified teachers to evaluate student performance, including decisions concerning the child’s grade-level promotion. All Connections Academy Virtual students are required to take state standardized tests, and the schools are accountable to regulatory authorities for the students’ performance.