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A.B.C. Policies

Assisi Bridge Co op Policies

We have outlined the policies for Assisi Bridge Co-op, please take a minute to read through and familiarize yourself and your children with our policies.  If you have questions, we are here to help. 

1.  Signing In and Out/Parking Policy: For safety purposes, a parent must walk students into the program building and initial a sign-in log indicating that the student is in attendance and that the emergency number on file is current. When picking up students at the end of classes, a parent must park and walk into the building to initial that the student has been signed-out and is leaving for the day. Students should not be dropped off in the parking lot, or left to walk in unaccompanied, nor should students exit the building without being signed-out by their parent. Also, due to the safety of the kids, large number of students, and many big vans, please adhere to the following parking policy:



3. Please let  everyone know who picks up your children where they are able to park. 

4. You may use the handicapped spots but not the first few as they are reserved for the teachers.  

5. DO NOT drive over OR around the cones or try to get through.

2.  Behavior expectations:   We have a "3 Strikes Your Out Policy"  What a strike is depends on the teacher and what they feel is disruptive or disrespectful to their class.  A strike can come in the form of an email to the parents, phone call, or being sent to the volunteer hall monitor table.       

Basic assumptions for your child's behavior include:

  • the ability to do assignments and in-class work as detailed by the teacher in the class description
  • the ability to sit quietly and pay attention. Behavior that interrupts the teaching process to the disadvantage of other students is not acceptable.  
  • This might include:
  • consistently interrupts verbally (either the teacher or other students)
  • cannot sit still (i.e. either moving about the room or constantly playing with pen, paper or other object) to the point where it is a distraction for either the teacher and/or other students unable to take part and focus in group activities for an average length of time without attention from teacher or other students
  • unable to take part and focus in group activities for an average length of time without attention from teacher or other students.
  • treating all other students and teachers with kindness and respect  (zero tolerance for bullying)
  • children who are dropped off need the ability to move from class to class independently, respecting other students and property as they transition to and from classes in a timely manner. If your child has trouble with this, you will have to stay to help them transition between classes.

3.  Special Needs/Special Accommodations:  Our co-op understands that there is a wide-range of abilities and that students of different ages do not always fit in neatly to a certain grade level. Classes incorporate several grade levels to take this into consideration. When you register for classes, you are agreeing that your child can function well in a group setting appropriate to the level of class they are enrolled in.  We understand that getting used to a co-op and a group setting is a learning process and the teachers will take that into consideration.  Our co-op does not have the means right now to be able to meet the needs of children with special needs. If you think your child would be able to meet the basic assumptions of behavior, the pace of work and the teachers' expectations for our co-op, please speak with the director, Therese Igot, before registering to see if this would be a good fit for your child. Every child will have to meet our basic assumptions or they will not be able to come back to class after the second time this behavior has been brought to the attention of the director and they will not receive a refund.

4.  Religious Affiliation: We are a Christian Co-op.  The St. Francis prayer will be said before the start of each class.  The name of Jesus, Christ, God etc. can be spoken about freely by the teachers, parents, volunteers, students, and anyone else who enters the building during our co-op time.

5.  Pick-Up: Students must be picked up promptly at the end of his/her classes for the day. Parents are expected to be in the building prepared to sign their children out, at or before the class end time. In other words, parents should be early in anticipation of the end of class. Tardiness at pickup cannot be accommodated. Out of respect for the volunteers, A.B.C. does not have supervision after classes, nor does A.B.C. have extended rental hours for the church building. Any parent arriving more than 15 minutes late to pick a student up at the end of the last class will be billed a fine of $10 for the first occurrence, and $20 each for the second and subsequent occasions. The parent would have to pay this fine before the child(ren) would be permitted to come back to class the following week. *** In the event of emergency, and you cannot pick up your child on time, please contact Therese Igot (703) 965-8098 and/or Kirsten Kordon (703) 489-6917, please take a moment and program our numbers into your phones***

6.  Out of class activities/reading/homework: Some teachers may give homework. In order for the student to keep up with the course material, get the greatest benefit from the class, and to be respectful of the teachers' and other students at all times, all homework should be completed as assigned.  A conference may be requested with the parent, by the teacher and director if a student routinely or repeatedly fails to complete assignments or is uncooperative or non-participative for in-class work and has already been asked repeatedly.

7.  Families, parents and children remaining on site: Parents are not allowed in the classroom unless the teacher has given permission. If you decided to wait for your child, we  ask that you do so with respect to others that may be using the sanctuary. Once your child is finished, we ask that you please take a moment and clean up any trash where you were sitting prior to signing out.  No eating is allowed except in the lunch room. Parents staying need to be sure to watch their children not currently in a class or siblings of those enrolled. They may not be permitted to wander around unattended. If any child breaks anything belonging to the church, that child's family will be held responsible to fully pay to fix or replace it. The sanctuary may be used for the PE class in the event of inclement weather, please be patient and flexible during this time.

8.  Respect for the church building:  The Church has opened their church building to us.  The upmost respect is demanded.  The sanctuary is their worship area and should only be used for quiet study. While in the sanctuary, equipment should not be touched, chairs should not be moved, no running or horseplay, and no eating.  For insurance reasons all rooms are off-limits except those that have been assigned to designated classroom time or waiting area.  No one except the hall monitor should be walking up and down the hallways as we do not want to cause distraction to the children in class.

9.  Sickness:  If your child has had vomiting, fever, upset stomach, sore throat, cough, diarrhea within the last 24 hours, please keep them home.  Children learn best when they feel best and there is no need to spread the germs.  Think of others as well!

10.  Service Requirements:  Every family is required to service on two shifts for the semester PLUS 1 Volunteer Committee per year. The shifts are morning hall monitor, afternoon hall monitor and clean-up. 

  • Morning hall monitors will manage check-in/out of children, make sure co-op rules are being followed, help with basic clean-up and check bathrooms to make sure all is clean throughout the morning and help clean-up after lunch (wiping tables and vacuuming) and other tasks as needed.  
  • Afternoon hall monitors will manage check-in/out of children, make sure co-op rules are being followed, help with basic clean-up and any needs that arise during their shift.  They will also watch over the afternoon study hall students.  That job will include taking attendance, making sure they stay quiet and do not leave the designated area.
  • The clean-up shift will make sure all tables have been wiped down, clean dry erase boards, empty all trash, make sure all floors are vacuumed, soap and paper towels are replaced, and that that everything is put back the same way it was found that morning. Sometimes the rooms are set up differently, and we need to leave the rooms in the Church just as we found them, or cleaner. 
  • We offer 13 different volunteer comittees. Each committee works independently to serve the co-op in their designated funtions. The total time requirement is approximately 4 hours per a year, but how that time is accrued will vary based on the committee and their needs. 
  •  It is your responsibility to find someone to cover your volunteer shift or committee responsibility if any kind of emergency or schedule change comes up. If you do need to switch your agreement with another mom, you can find the contact information for every family on the secure website once you log in.  We cannot stress this enough, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.  There will be a $20 fee if you do not show up for your volunteer requirements.  This fee will have to be paid before your child comes back to class. 
  • If BOTH your service requirements are not met the first semester, you will not be invited back second semester.  (Even if your classes have already been paid.)  By not doing your service requirements you are not doing your "co-op" responsibilities, therefore you are not apart of the co-op anyways.


11.  Lunch:  If your child has a class before lunch and right after lunch, they can stay and have the monitored lunchtime without their parents.  Lunches are to be packed and follow the allergy policy of ABC. Lunch will be outside whenever possible, the only time we will be inside for lunch is in the event of inclement weather.  We are all either outside or all inside, no exceptions. So please dress appropriately once the weather gets a little colder.

12.  Student Supervision/Drop-Off:  There is no babysitting.  There is no student supervision if the child is not in a class (except at lunch).  If the child does not have back-to-back classes a parent must come back and be with the child to either wait for the next class during the gap time or pick the student up.

13.  Language:  No curse words, crude gestures, gossip, sexual speech, or any speech that is offensive to our Lord, will be accepted.

14.  Payments/Fees/Registration:  Deposits are made to the teachers right when you enroll your child in the course and the basic number for the class has been met.  The second half is due a week before the first day of class or the child will have to miss class unless the teacher and parent have made other arrangements. 

***Also please note, in the event of a fine.  The fine MUST be paid prior to registration and enrollment in the next semester of classes.***

Registration fees are paid as soon as you have been accepted to register for classes with A.B.C. As listed in the FAQs, this fee is non-refundable.

The teachers have worked hard to prepare for these classes and have planned the course based on the number of children enrolled. Deposits will not be refunded. 

As listed in the FAQ's about payment for classes:  There is a non-refundable deposit for each class of half the class fee paid directly to the teacher.  (This amount will go towards the total amount due.)  This deposit is needed within 48 hours after the class minimum ( 6 students) is met for that class.  The rest is due a week before the first day of class unless specified by the teacher.  All payment arrangements are dealt with on a case by case basis with the teacher privately. Once you are registered with the co-op, the teacher's contact information is provided.  A.B.C. wants this learning opportunity for all children.  Payment arrangements can possibly be arranged, please reach out to the specific teacher.

15.  Extreme allergies:  We have a no nuts policy.  Please find alternative snacking option when packing you child’s lunch/snacks.  If your child does have a severe allergy that would require the use of a Epi Pen then it is required for you to stay on site during their class times, we are not equipped to able to administer this type of treatment.

16.  Food/Eating & Drinking:  THERE IS NO EATING OR DRINKING IN THE SANCTUARY OR ANY OTHER PART OF THE CHURCH (EXCEPT CLEAR LIQUIDS) The only room that is available to eat in is the cafeteria.  The room is only open during lunch hours from 11:30-12:00. Please eat outside or on bad/rainy days you must go to your car to eat.

17.  Electronic Devices:  No Electronic Devices for students at A.B.C. Students are not allowed to have any electronic devices during co op hours.  Children are not allowed to have cell phones, iPads, iPods or any electronic during class or recess time. We always have a parent hall monitor that is there to contact any parent for the children at A.B.C., so safety is covered by the adults.  If we do see a child with a above mentioned electronic, it will be taken away and the child's parents will be notified.  There is no reason to have these devices during school hours unless otherwise allowed in special case situations.  Please leave these devices at home.

18.  Inclement Weather/Closings/Delays:  In the event of inclement weather, heavy rain, snow, sleet, and we are not able to have PE outside then we will have to move the class to the sanctuary.  Which means the open area for waiting parent and children may be limited. We ask for your patience and flexibility during this time. We follow LCPS.  When they are off for inclement weather or holidays, we are too.  If they have 2 hour delays we start at 10am.  The teachers will tweak their schedules to end the first class at 10:40 and the second class will then start at 10:45. 

19.  Eating in Class and Birthday Treats:  Due to classes being once a week only and different allergies, there are not treats/food able to be brought in class.  If you have a birthday and want to bring in a treat, your child can pass them out at lunchtime or after school.  

20.  Attendance/ Late Arrival:  Each child is required to attend 1/3 of the semester.  If a child misses more than 5 classes a semester, they can no longer attend ABC.  If a child is continually late over 10 minutes for than 1/3 of the semester, which is around 5 classes they can no longer attend ABC.  This is crucial for the sake of not disrupting the classes that only meet once a week.

21.  Leaving ABC:  Assisi Bridge Co-op committee members can decide and has the right to choose who can stay at our co-op.  If we feel someone should no longer be apart of our co-op, Assisi Bridge Co-op has the right to kick out anyone at anytime of the year.

22.  Prerequisites:  Most of our classes have prerequisites that must be met by the child to register for that class.  The teacher, director, and/or committee has the right to tell a family their child is not able to register for a class at any time.

Questions:  Please DO NOT email Therese at her personal account.  Please always use the email info@assisibridgeco-op.com.  She gets so many emails that it will most likely get lost if emailing her personal account.