Electronics Policy

Electronic Policy:  Effective Winter 2015

Over the last few semesters, there have been circumstances at HELP Homeschool that have left Leadership contemplating the implementation of a NO ELECTRONICS policy. 

At a recent Leadership meeting, a unanimous decision was reached.  Starting Wednesday, February 11th, HELP Homeschool will effectively be an Electronic Free Zone for students and adult aides.  If a student would like to utilize their laptops/tablets for School Work during the HELP hours they are not in class, the Quiet Study Hall will be available.

Students may bring cell phones to HELP, however cell phones are to remain OFF and in backpacks, crates or purses.  All other electronic devices should not be brought to HELP.

Realizing that electronics may be necessary for class presentations and other classroom activities, these devices are permitted for those specific situations.

Leadership realizes that this will be an adjustment for students and adult aides.  We are trying to provide a professional, safe, secure, sociable setting for your child.

First offense: Remind students of Policy.  Second Offense: Send to Leadership.  Leadership will hold on to device until the end of the day.