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Student/Athletes Eligibility

1.      All participants must be home schooled at least 51% of the time:

  • 51% means a majority of the student's education. Example: If a child is taking 8 credits in a semester, 5 of those 8 credits must be via home school.
  • A student may be part time in public-school, private school, virtual or e-school, but the majority (51%+) of their education must be at home, and must be parent directed.

2.      Participation in our athletic program is voluntary; it is therefore a privilege which can be revoked.

3.      Age requirements:

  • Participants who are 12-16 years old on 09/01/2019 will be eligible to play on the JV teams.
  • Participants who are 17 and older on 09/01/2019 will not be eligible to play on the JV teams.
  • We will not be fielding a Varsity team for Boys or Girls during the 2019-2020 season. We do plan to field Varsity teams in the 2020-2021 season.

 4.   Both students and their parents must confirm, via signature, that they either:
     A)      Agree with the LCHSA Statement of Faith  - OR -
     B)      Agree not to hinder it