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Code of Conduct


All athletes are:


1. To conduct themselves in a Christ-like manner on and off the playing area.

2. To respect and follow the directions of the coaches.

3. To accept all the calls of the officials.

4. To exhibit a sportsmanlike attitude at all times.

5. To play as part of a team and not for self-glorification.

6. To be courteous and respectful to the opponents.

7. To be respectful of the facilities and all equipment including uniform care.

8. To be present at all practices and games, unless excused by their parent.

9. To notify coaches of all absences as soon as possible.

10. To be humble in winning a game and gracious in losing a game.



We trust that each of our coaches has believed on the Lord Jesus Christ as their own personal Savior from sin and that the Christian walk is evident in their lives. The coaches are:

1. To be an example of Christian conduct and good sportsmanship.

2. To instill in the players an enjoyment of the game and a respect for hard work and discipline.

3. To set a good example to players and spectators by accepting the official’s decisions.

4. To encourage all athletes, both starters and substitutes, to do their best.

5. To avoid the attitude of “winning at all costs”.

6. To communicate practice times and game times to the athletes.

7. To keep parents informed of problems in the areas of disobedience, disrespect, or laziness.

8. To work with the parents in enforcing the Athlete’s Code of Conduct.

9. To allow time for prayer in Jesus' name at all practices and games (John 14:13).


We believe that parents have the God-given authority over and responsibility for their children. By enrolling your child in this athletic program, your are delegating authority to the coach during practices, games and all other times that he is responsible for the athletes. Parents are expected:

  • To maintain good communications with coaches and the athletic director regarding practices games, etc.
  • To assist the coach in enforcing the Athlete’s Code of Conduct.
  • To accept the official’s decisions.
  • To refrain from showing displeasure toward officials, players, coaches, and the opposing team.
  • To accept the outcome of the game in a Christ-like manner.
  • To ensure their child attends practices and games.
  •  To participate in fund-raising events, to attend games, and to volunteer when needed