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Choosing Curriculum


1.  Ask your local librarian for books on how to homeschool.  There are various resources available.

Chapin Library
Chapin library has several shelves of books on how to get started homeschooling! Chapin is an excellent place to start!

Horry County Memorial Library



2. Ready Made Curriculum can be purchased through various vendors.  

www.HomeschoolingBooks.com offers custom curriculum packages to fit your child's needs.  Tell them you are with VBHE and get a discount!


Curriculum reviews:




www.HomeSchoolReviews.com A place where homeschoolers review curriculum they have used.



Home School Marketplace provides you with "Everything you've always wanted to know about Home Schooling and Home Business." Look for the complete website in the coming weeks, plus e-newsletters with articles, personal comments, interesting ideas, recommendations, rants and raves, and product reviews.


Check these websites for curriculum:


Curriculum to meet your needs-personalized assistance


-Curriculum Express

 A year's complete curriculum in a box.


Used Books

A well-organized used homeschool book site

For buying and selling curriculum, Vegsource has an excellent swap board.  There are also several discussion groups available as well.


-The Curriculum Exchange 
Selling New and Used Homeschool Curriculum and Classic Books.


-Christian Book Distributors
New Homeschool Curriculum and supplies


-Rainbow Resource Center
New Homeschool Curriculum and supplies (This catalog gives helpful reviews of materials.)


New Homeschool Curriculum and supplies (This catalog also gives helpful reviews of materials.) 

 3. Support Groups

Joining a local support group is a good way to find out what types of materials are available.  Ask other homeschoolers what they have used.  Vine and Branches offers outings for children that also allows moms opportunities to meet and swap curriculum ideas.  A New Homeschool mom mentoring program is available as well to get you on our feet!