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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be inclusive secular? 

Richmond Homeschool Collective accepts and welcomes all families regardless of their race, ethnicity, class, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, religion, or national origin. Our member families come from many different backgrounds and may practice a variety of religious traditions or none at all. We do not have a religious worldview, and our classes are taught using currently held scientific theories, based on empirical evidence.

What is RHC? 

RHC is a dynamically governed community of homeschool families curating opportunities for shared learned experiences and social activities. Parents who are members of the collective keep track of their children's courses and prepare their own transcripts. Families often share information and their personal experiences with one another about curriculum, transcript apps, college admission process, testing, and evaluations.  We collectively rent a space where members can gather one day each week. We support instructors/facilitators by creating a course schedule within the available space and times of our rental. The instructors/ facilitators are not employees of RHC. They are independent, set their own fees, and collect those fees from enrolled families.  Courses and clubs may change each term.

What classes are offered?

The collective organizes classes based on the community's needs, with a mixture of middle/high school academics, interested-led projects, and exploratory/enrichment courses.  Please check out this link to see some of our previous offerings:

Previous Offerings


How much does it cost to participate?  

Membership community contribution

We have a per-family membership contribution that covers the rent, insurance fees, and our website.  

Equitable: For families that have more flexibility in their family budgets.

Sustainable: Covers the basic cost of operations

Accessible:  for families with limited resources

Class Fees:

 Fees for each class are set by the individual instructor, ranging from $25-$250 per semester.  Many facilitators offer payment plans, sibling discounts, and their own tiered payments. 


What social offerings are there at RHC?

RHC families arrange informal meet-ups, as well as organize field trips throughout the year.  

A few group activities have been:

apple picking 

go-carts and putt-putt

swimming parties and beach days

Nerf games

Not-back-to-school picnics

Pi Day- Pie Potluck

movie nights

nature walks 

escape rooms

roller skating

rope challenge course

camp outs

Am I required to teach a class or volunteer in order to participate? 

Parents are not required to organize activities, but it's highly encouraged.  Parents of the collective will be expected to volunteer as able.  Volunteer signups include but are not limited to  supervision, morning set up, end of day cleaning and closing, administrative task, and special events.

Can you offer accommodations for my child's learning/social needs? 

Our collective includes a diverse set of students, including neurodivergent students   We rely on parents to communicate with teachers about their child's learning, emotional, social, and sensory needs. Parents, facilitators, and students develop a plan to address possible scenarios.

What are my responsibilities as a member?

Please read through our Member's Responsibilities and Policies here POLICIES

I'm interested in joining, what do I need to do next? 

There are a few steps to joining RHC:

Step 1: Submit an application. After we've had time to review your application we will contact you to set up a Zoom call with a few of our members to discuss RHC in detail.

Step 2: Show proof of  your Covid19 vaccination and  your family will be invited to attend an in-person Meet & Greet to make sure you feel we are the right fit for your family (at least one in-person meet and greet is required)

Step 3: Pay the community contribution, and then your family will have access to class registration, meet-ups, field trips, clubs, and other activities.