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Trudy Palmer
(210) 479-7069
Author of "The Gift of Reading". Tutors in Phonics, Reading, Writing, Spelling & Grammar

Mary Jones
(210) 767-0131
Reading, English, Math, Spanish & Science. Also a certified special needs tester, Reading testing and Diagnostic testing. *Bilingual

Marie Loomis
(210) 826-6880
English, Writing & Grammar. Grades 6-12. 21 years of experience and Texas Certified.

Vera Billingsley
(210) 433-9528
Reading, English, Phonics, French, German and ESL

Charleen Richardson
(210) 342-4161
Reading & Language Arts

Debbie McCleary
(210) 684-4357
English, Reading, Algebra, Geometry & administers the Stanford Achievement Test.

Ms. Terry
(210) 392-5692
Reading, Special Education, Gifted, Talented. 4-10 grade. Helotes, TX area.

Eileen S Hartness, BA MA
The Learning Nook
(210) 534-4008
Reading specialist, through 8 grade.

Paula Hill
(830) 980-7541
Reading & Phonics. High school Biology 1 & 2, Chemistry& Anatomy

Linda Britton
(210) 736-5123
(210) 577-9997
28 years of experience in teaching in middle school English, Language Arts, Writing & Reading.

Veronica Huerta
(210) 520-9941
Reading. 9 years of experience as a certified teacher. Elementary-junior high.

Irene DeHoyos
(210) 724-9346
(210) 421-9947
K-12 in English, Math & Reading. Gifted & Talented specialist. Bilingual in Spanish.

Christy Ramirez
(210) 827-4798

Early Literacy to prepare for Kindergarten or 1st grade.
Reading for grades PreK - 5th
Reading for home schooled children