Language Arts/English/Grammer

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Anthony Vannella Jr. & Stephanie
(830) 935-2283
Anthony----7 grade-up in Language Arts, History, English & Latin. Certified in all subjects.
Stephanie----Math K-12, Language Arts 6-12. Comprehensive Elementary-8 grade.

Charleen Richardson
(210) 342-4161
Reading & Language Arts


Linda Britton
Retired Teacher with 20 years experience; I teach:
Writing: Grades: 3-9  |  a) Descriptive Essays b) Narratives  c) Summaries  d) Comparison/Contrast e) Argument
Reading Strategues:  |  a) comprehension    b) Vocabulary Development   c) Summarizing
Available: Monday-Thursday   9am - 3:30pm
$30 per hour (individual)
$50 per hour (five students)

Ms. Danielle Washington
Phone #: (210) 317-9359
Subjects: Latin (all levels)
Credentials: I have a B.A. in Classics from Baylor University and an M.A.T. in Latin from the University of Colorado. I have been tutoring for over six years and have experience teaching at the undergraduate level. I tutor students at all levels of Latin as well as AP.

Jodie Mytro, M.S., B.A.

(210) 279-7645

I have an Education Master’s of Science degree in Counseling and Guidance, plus 12-hours of post-graduate studies in the same field with a 3.89 GPA. I also have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Child Development Certificate, a Certification as a Job Coach, and certificates in both Personal Fitness Training and Rehabilitation Fitness Therapy. I have many years of experience teaching and tutoring students of all ages, including pre-school children all the way up to college students and adults. I have taught all grade levels including preschool, elementary, middle school, high school, college, and adults.

I can teach and tutor all subjects, except 5th grade or higher Math. I specialize tutoring and teaching in the following subjects: Art, English/ESL, Phonics and Reading, Writing, Speech/Public Speaking, Fitness/Healthy Nutrition, Singing/Voice Lessons, Organizational Skills, Time Management Skills, Motivational Skills, Library and Research Skills, College Preparatory Skills, Test Taking Skills, Stress Management and Relaxation Skills, Empathic-Assertiveness, Anti-Bullying, and Healthy Boundary Setting Skills, Basic M.S. Word, Basic Photography and Editing, and Social Media (Facebook/Linkedin). My greatest strength is helping shy, meek students gain confidence by focusing on their assets and talents.