Summer Reading Downloads


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Participants must read books in the grade they just completed or above their current grade




Summer Reading Guidelines


Child Registration Form


Child Book Report Form (PDF)



Child Book Report Form (Doc format)

This can be edited with Microsoft Word.

Please feel free to put your child's name and phone number in the appropriate fields and print it.


Young Adult Registration Form


Young Adult Volunteer Log


Young Adult Book Review Form





If a book on the lists below is part of a series, then the entire series is approved for reading

One example would be The Little House on the Prairie Series. While Farmer Boy is listed, the entire series is approved.


Kinder Booklist


Grade 1 Booklist


Grade 2 Booklist


Grade 3 Booklist


Grade 4 Booklist


Grade 5 Booklist


Grade 6 Booklist


Grade 7 Booklist


Grade 8 Booklist


Note to parents:

We suggest that you use the same caution when allowing your young adult to read the books from the following booklist as you would any other type of media.



Young Adult Booklist



Please be advised that this is the compilation of all the lists above.

Master Booklist