Convention Schedule

Thursday, May 15:
*FREE and Open to the Public,
So Encourage Everyone You Know to Come!*

6pm: Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half – Without Extreme Couponing (Steve & Annette Economides)

7pm: Twenty-five Ways to Show Love to Your Wife (Doug Flanders)
              Twenty-five Ways to Show Respect to Your Husband (Jennifer Flanders)

8pm: Instilling a Love Learning in Your Children (Shelia Pradia)

Friday, May 16

9:30am Doug Flanders:
Five Essentials of Effective Fathering
Steve & Annette Economides:
Get Right on the Money with America's Cheapest Family
Mary James: Which Way Do I Go? Dave Nutting: It's a War Out There: the Battle For Out Children's Hearts and Minds College Prep Genius:
The Best Kept Secret to Free College: the PSAT
Institute for Excellence in Writing:
Experience Excellence in Writing
11am Jennifer Flanders: Target Practice: The Art of Setting Attainable Goals Krisa Winn: Teaching Struggling Learners at Home: Nuts and Bolts for Success Mary James: Understanding Your Child The Real Reading Company: Reading and Spelling Pure and Simple Juice Plus: What Athletes and Parents Need to Know About Whole Food Nutrition CollegePlus: Preparing for Life, Not Just a Degree
12:30pm Dave Nutting: A Creationist Tour of Our National Parks: Time is Not the Hero of the Plot! Steve & Annette Economides:
When is Enough...Enough
Tim Lambert: Homeschooling and the Law - Know Your Rights, Protect Your Freedom Little Giant Steps:
Learn Faster and Better wtih Brain Coach Tips
Growing Healthy Homes: Confessions of a Former Fast Food Queen Classical Conversations: Classical Education - You Really Can
2pm Jennifer Flanders: Don't Stress Out: Help for the Harried Home School Mom Krisa Winn: Developing and Drafting SEPs (Student Education Plans) James Glenn: Guiding Your Child Through Discovery, Direction, and Decision Acting Up Creative Drama Academy Learning Rx: "Building Better Brains - The Science Behind Learning" College Prep Genius:
Build an Amazing Homeschool Transcript
3:30pm Doug Flanders: Instilling a Life-Vision and Learning to Let Go Steve & Annette Economides: Teaching Kids About Money Isn't Kids' Stuff Lynday Lambert: Home Schooling: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly The Math Gym BJU Press: Juggling Your Day Dinah Might Adventures:
First Class Folds: Use Dinah Zike's Envelope Graphic Organizers as a Learning Portfolio with Any Curriculum

**Please note: Workshop schedule is subject to change.**

Saturday, May 17

9:30am Steve & Annette Economides: Debt-Free College: Fantasy or Reality? Mary James: Which Way Do I Go?

Lee Felder:
Dog Days of Discipline

Center for Essential Education: Building Christian Character Risas y Sonrisas Spanish for Kids Brings Out the Joy of Teaching and Learning Spanish! Institute for Excellence in Writing: Learn to REad and Write with PAL
11am Valerie Felder: Out of Time at Daybreak! Mary James: Top Ten Homeschooling Myths Krisa Winn: Tackling Tricky High School Issues: Partical Help and Guidance for Homeschooling High School Students with Special Needs Growing Healthy Homes: Boost Your Brain Power and Learning Potential CollegePlus: What's Your Plan? FamilyLife: Real FamilyLife - Character is Caught, Not Just Taught
12:30pm Steve & Annette Economides: Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half - Without Extreme Couponing Tim Lambert: Restoring Parental Rights in Texas: A Hands-on Opportunity for Good Citizenship Dave Nutting: Refuting Compromise College Prep Genius: How to Ace the SAT The Math Gym The College at Southwestern: The Homeschooling Education of Jesus
2pm James Glenn: Equipping Your Child for a Focused Future Lydnsay Lambert: Confessions of an Organizationally Challenged Home School Mom Krisa Winn: Keeping Kerspective on Progress Ali Dent:
Worldview Conversations:
Five Fun and Simple Steps That Transform Your Child Into a Critical Thinker, Confident Speaker, and Analytical Reader
Writing Strands: SOS! School on a Shoestring Victory Chiropractic: Practical Nutrition for Healthy Families
3:30pm Steve & Annette Economides: Raising Real Kids for the Real World Valerie Felder: A Place Called Home Dave Nutting: Lessions From Nature College Prep Genius: Free College at Your Fingertips Learning Rx: "Building Better Brains - The Science Behind Learning" The Real Reading Company: Reading and Spelling Pure and Simple

**Please note: Workshop schedule is subject to change.**