Ways to Support FEAST

FEAST is partnering with organizations to help the environment and to help FEAST fulfill its mission to be a clearing house of information.

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Box Tops for Education

Campbell's Labels

Electronic Device Recycling

Paper Donations

Used Ink Cartridges 

Drop off your donations in the FEAST office, Monday-Friday between 10am-5pm.

Box Tops for Education 

Box Tops! Calling all box tops! To date, FEAST has collected $1,389.40. These funds have been used to help purchase equipment to update the FEAST campus. Each Box Top is worth ten cents, and bonus tops are more. Twice a year (February & October), we send them in for cash. They all have expiration dates, so the sooner they are turned in the better. This is a great way to support FEAST, and it does not cost you anything.

The Box Tops can be found on food items (Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, etc.) and paper and plastic products (Kleenex, Ziplock, etc.) Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far.
Keep 'em coming!

Campbell's Labels
Campbell's has changed their requirements for redeeming points for labels.  They are now requiring UPCs - with the Campbell's Kid in graduation attire intact - for ALL products - no front labels of any kind. www.labelsforeducation.com

Electronics Recycling
FEAST participates in an electronics recycling program that pays us every electronic device that is recycled whether it is in a working or non-working state. This includes laptops, iPods, mp3 players, cameras, cell phones, tablets, and just about any other personal electronic device. Drop your unwanted items in the FEAST Co-Op Office in the boxes labeled Recycling.

Paper Donations
Make each page count! FEAST gets for each pound of paper that is recycled.This enables FEAST to make a difference in the environment and keep paper out of landfills. Make every page count, and bring it to the recycling bin in the FEAST front parking lot. Thank you for recycling!

Used Printer Cartridges
This program pays FEAST for every inkjet and toner cartridge that is received. This enables us to help the environment while supporting the FEAST mission. Drop off your cartridges in the FEAST Co-Op Office in the boxes in the waiting area.