Field Trips


Guidelines for a Great Field Trip

In any support group, volunteers are essential.  Our group depends on parents, like you, organizing field trips for your specific interest and offering them to the group.   These are few recommended steps for organizing a field trip for TCHE.

  • Choose your specific place to visit, gather details, costs involved if any, ages that would benefit most from it, maximum or minimum group size for pricing, etc.    Certain field trips are geared toward a certain age.  


  •  Post it on the forum and gauge the amount of interest in the group.


  • Check the current calendar on the website and check for conflicts for your chosen date.  Try to schedule it for an open day, but that isn’t always possible. 


  • Announce the event on the Field trip forum with all the details necessary.  On the website we can set up deadlines and limit the group to a certain size.   Please see the Vice President or the Calendar Coordinator to add it to the calendar and to set up sign ups for the event.


  • Be prepared to receive payments from participants (if one is required) and handle payment with the location upon arrival.


  • Send out reminders a couple of days before the event.  If the item is on the calendar, it will be sent out in the preceeding week’s reminders on Saturdays.


  • On the day of the event, Have a great time and let us know how everything goes.  Is it something we should hold on a yearly calendar?


  •  Feel good that you have helped out the families of TCHE ! 


Home Educators Association of Virginia has some great tips on field trips.  Here are two of the links.


Other great ideas can be found on the Form under the Field Trip section.