HB 1128 (2013)

This page will be updated as HB 1128 goes thru the legislative process.  Action items will appear in yellow.

Oppotunity Scholarship Qualification:

Public School Student = ACT 24 + Transcript with "rigorous course load"

Home Educated Student = ACT + minimum college-readiness benchmark scores in all 4 subtests      of the ACT 

2/21/2013 - Bill presented to the Senate Education Committee - Please contact your Senators, especially those on the committee.  The amendment added on the House Floor brings the score down to ACT 26 for homeschoolers, which is closer to the public school 24.  ACT 26 is in the 84th percentile nationwide, whereas the ACT 28 is in the 91st percentile.  Let's have some equity!  

2/11/2013 - Please continue to contact your Representatives for Fairness - Bill on House Floor, Wed, 2/12/13.  The fiscal note says this bill will add $49,000. Not a budget buster!

2/4/2013 - Bill on House Floor and referred for Fiscal Note and then will be back on House Floor in the next couple days.  Please continue to contact your Representatives for Fairness.

1/30/2013 - Please contact your Representatives and ask them to vote for HB 1128 - equality for homeschoolers in the Opportunity Scholarship.

1/30/2013 - Bill in House Education Committee 7:45 am CT - SDCHE will attend and lobby.  Meet us there!  Passed out of committee vote 11 - 3 amended.

1/24/2013 - Please contact House Ed Committee Members to urge them to vote in FAVOR of this bill, making home school students equal to their public school counterparts in the qualification for the Opportunity Scholarship.  Currently, home educated students are still excluded from the program until Fall of 2014. 

To contact  your members:  http://legis.state.sd.us/who/index.aspx

House Education Committee Members:  http://legis.state.sd.us/sessions/2013/CommitteeMembers.aspx?Committee=17

1/22/2013 - Bill HB 1128 was read in the House and referred to the House Education Committee.

1/22/2013 - Bill is numbered HB 1128

SDCHE Bill # HB 1128 Opportunity Scholarship 
This is an equality issue!

1.  Include this year's graduates in this scholarship.
2.  Make the ACT scores equitable for all SD graduates; homeschool, private and public, at the college ready benchmark of 24 on the ACT.
3.  Include homeschool students currently attending SD Public Universities who qualified for the remainder of their college years (no retroactive funds.)

Scott Woodruff of HSLDA came to lobby in SD in 2010 regarding this scholarship to include homeschool students.  This scholarship is for SD high school students who will be attending a SD public university and is a 4 year scholarship.  They qualify through ACT scores.  At that time SD was in some budget constraints so the date was pushed forward until July 2013.

Presently, our students are still unable to apply for this scholarship until the Fall of 2014.  The current law also includes homeschoolers testing at an ACT score of 28 with their public school counterparts qualifying with a lower score of 24.

The new SDCHE Opportunity Scholarship Bill will ask the lawmakers to include our students now into this scholarship and also to qualify with the same college-ready ACT score of 24.

Thank you for your consideration and prayer.  SDCHE exists to promote homeschooling across the state of South Dakota.

Your SDCHE Team