Spelling Bee


The 2014/15 SDCHE Spelling Bee will be held Friday, December 12, 2014 at Common Ground Church, Rapid City at 3 pm. The address of the church is: 201 Main St, Rapid City.The church is located in the bottom floor of the Fairmont Creamery Building also known as the “Creamery Mall.” This is just across the street from Armadillos.

Register on the calendar listing for Dec 12.  Do a separate registration for each child.

The competition will include oral spelling bees for individual grades one through five. Grades six through eight will compete in a separate oral spelling bee. Word lists used for all grades are new each year and can be obtained from Dave Klopfenstein (david.klopfenstein1980@gmail.com).

Each grade has a list of 100 words provided by the national spelling bee. As in previous years, the spelling bee for a particular grade may progress into the word lists of the higher grades depending on the level of competition.

The word list for the 6th through 8th grade spelling bee includes the 6th through 8th grade word lists provided. Later in the spelling bee, words may be given that are not on the provided lists.

Rules for the spelling bees are according to those provided by the national spelling bee.

The top 3 from our sixth through eighth grade spelling bee can go on to compete at the Rapid City Journal Regional Spelling Bee which will be held this year in Rapid City on Saturday January 24, 2015. The State Spelling Bee will be held Saturday March 21,2014. The spelling list for the regional spelling bee is the 2015 Spell-It, available from the spellingbee.com website.