Free Books and Media Center

There are so many free resources out there.  This is a listing of free books and audio books available on the web. If you are homeschooling several kids, curriculum can get expensive.  Explore these links to find an alternative to expensive curriculum. Access the books online and print exercise pages.



Lesson Pathways- this used to be a paid subscription site, but it is now free.  You will still need to create an account.  It has materials for K to 5th grade for math, science, history, reading and phonics.  You can organize the pathways and assign them to each student.  These are complete lesson plans with text, worksheets, online activities, videos (for some) and craft ideas. 

TLS- Has printable worksheets for math, language skills, science, and some social studies.  Worksheets are organized by grade fro K to 5th grade. 

passkey- has reading, math, and writing online lessons for 3rd to 5th grade only, but the lessons are great.

Interactives-  these are interactive activities to enhance what you are teaching. This link is for K-5th resources, but the web page has a side bar link for upper grades, too.

HRW has online resources for middle school and high school.They cover math, science, social studies, language arts, history and math.  Their math resources are the best.  They include text, teaching videos, examples and printable practice questions,  They also provide solutions which are shown step by step. Their Language arts provide reading text, writing class, online tests, vocabulary builder, and printable worksheets.

science for elementary- Brainpop videos can be accessed for free here.

homeschooler's resources- a blogger who has added supplementary web links and videos for those of us who use the Apologia books.  Her math links are also excellent.


khanacademy is still my favorite curriculum.  Here is a video that explains how the adaptive software  works. 

math-aids- vreate and personalize your work sheets

aaamath - this website has lessons organized by grade from K to 8th grade.  Go to a grade level and scroll down to the yellow page which has a complete years worth of lessons.  If you go to a lesson, you will see the pencil icons for "learn", "practice", and "explore". The text explains the concept, then they usually have an interactive element for practice. This web site also has links to web pages for spelling, vocabulary and geography. If you would rather have the cd, it's $25.

themathpage - clear and clean web design makes this one of the best online math resource out there.  The problems are worked through step by step, and solutions are immediately accessible. This page actually gives links to 7 different books starting with elementary math all the way to High School calculus.



Starfall- phonics based, activity based  online curriculum

spelling- this has printable worksheets. self explanatory. It's a great resource for teaching spelling. It has advice on other books to use and strategies for teaching spelling.

spelling city- has word lists, interactive teaching mode and games.

big dog's grammar- easy to read explanations and quizzes.

grammar- has lesson plans for teaching grammar, as well as printable worksheets.

Go to the "English Grammar Lessons and Worksheets".  Ignore all the other links which are ad based. 

grammar test- choose the subject and access online tests.

vocabulary- there are many aspects to increasing your childs vocabulary.  One approach is to teach the root words. 

e-spindle has a comprehensive list of word roots and meanings.

wordinfo has a great feature.  Just type in the word, and it gives definition and etymology, and gives a mini history of the word. 

storyline - watch and listen to a live reading of current picture books.

The Book Tree.  A Christian Reference for Childrens Literature

children's library - read classic childrens books and see the illustrations too! Find picture books written in other languages. This is a beautifully done site.

Gutenberg project - find the classics in full readable text over the web.

The Library of Congress has some of their collection digitalized and available online.


US History -from pre-Columbian to the new Millenium 

kidspast -  World History for elementary grades

World History - for Middle school



Audio books.  Listen to books being read aloud.  Each title shows the book cover, a brief synopsis of the story, and a preview of the audio.

 Ipl2 reference - "information you can trust".  When your student needs to do research, use a dictionary, or find a thesaurus, send them here.

Annenberg Media has videos, books, inter actives to help supplement your teaching. I especially like the foreign language videos and their math instructional videos

learnerstv- has hundreds of video lectures on multiple topics.  A great resource for science and math

refseek has a list of the top 25 sources of educational videos. 

Web Resource - Hoagie's Gifted homeschooling website is packed with links to curriculum, online courses, unit studies and more.  Plan on a good block of time to really see all the resources available through this site.  .The main page looks deceptively short, but the links will show expanded pages.