2011 Conference Workshops

Room 1-2: College the Smart Way: 4 Secrets to Save Time and Money
Justin Horsman – CollegePlus!
What does your student need to be successful today? A college degree? For many families, answering the college question is a difficult task. Often the cost, time required, inefficiencies, or negative college environment are too great an obstacle. Sadly, many families either choose against attending college or borrow thousands of dollars to do so. In this session, we challenge what a true college education is and what it takes to compete in the 21st Century. We discuss the importance of
internships, will introduce a new proven systems for earning college credit for a fraction of the time and cost, and the financial benefits of putting the money you would have spent on traditional college into helping launch your student into life.
Room 3: Getting Started
Learn how homeschooling really works from veteran parents and homeschool graduates. This is a special conference version of the monthly Getting Started Meeting conducted by CHEACT board members.
Room 4: Teaching the Bible as They Sit and as They Stand
Dara Halydier – Abiding Truth Ministries
Different approaches to Bible Study, birth to college: Bible time as part of school, teachable moments, evening Bible study, and fun time Bible opportunities. This is meant to encourages parents and to motivate to make the Word of God central in the school day and in the lives of our children. An emphasis will be placed on the importance of daily Bible study, meditation, and memory.
Room 5: Combining Classical Education, Charlotte Mason, and Unit Studies with a Christian Perspective 
Amy Quakkelaar – My Father's World
The myriad of homeschool choices can be overwhelming, similar to the choices between interstates, highways, back roads, and scenic routes. There are so many ways and opinions, how can one navigate through it all and still homeschool effectively? Veteran homeschool mom, Amy Quakkelaar, has found a successful method in combining the best of these three well known homeschooling methods. Learn how to instill Christian values while integrating great literature, chronological history, geography, hands-on activities, notebooks and timelines, narration, study of Greek and Latin roots, nature studies, and more. Enjoy short, well-planned lessons in the morning with time to pursue other interests in the afternoon. Make enjoyment a regular part of your homeschool!
Room 1-2: Why are there no Hittites on the Streets of New York?
At the time of the Exodus the Hittites were a great civilization and the Jews a rabble of recently liberated slaves but today there are no Hittites and the Jews win Nobel prizes with monotonous regularity and dominate business and media.  Why?  An orthodox Jew will point you to Deuteronomy 4-6.  It was not the experience of God at Horeb but attention to the law and its teaching to the children that made the difference. In contrast where societies lose their moral consensus a domino effect of disastrous consequences follows.  We have much to re-learn.
Room 1-2: Dual Credit on Steriods – How to Earn Your First Year of College for Under $500
Justin Horsman – CollegePlus!
Who says you need to be in a classroom for an entire semester to earn college credit? With Credit by Exam, students can earn college credit in over 300 standardized subject exams, commonly known as CLEP and DSST exams.This practical and insightful session will introduce you to established Credit by Exam programs which allows students to accomplish dual
credit, saving you money and time while never setting foot in a college classroom. Attendees learn exam-specific study tips on the five general CLEP exams, which represent the equivalent of the first year of college.Come discover the best kept secret in higher education!
Room 3: Piano for Life – Insights for All Ages
Mark Almond – Piano for Life
The Piano for Life exhibitor workshops offer a clear and practical breakdown of the heart and soul of music theory. The first application is a life-long foundation for learning to play the piano expressively.  A direct analysis of the underlying structure of music is content that can be shared with students of all ages - including children as young as three years old. This approach leads to skills in performance, composition, accompaniment, and insights for teaching piano. The music that flows naturally from this level of insight is demonstrated step by step. Parents with no background or training in music can share this information with the entire family.
Room 4: Ministering to the Heart of a Child
Rick’s passion to see young people become all that God has created them to be and his sincere love for the Lord will make this one workshop you don’t want to miss! His warm, unique and enthusiastic communication style will be sure to bless and refresh us all in the “call” that God has placed on our lives as we homeschool our children. He will encourage, equip, and inspire parents.
Room 5: Experience Excellence in Writing
Come and discover award-winning Excellence in Writing, a method of teaching
composition that really works. Using this program, students of all ages will learn to write
stories, reports and essays with style. This workshop will give you an overview of the
program and show you how you can get started.
Room 1-2: Loving Children and Loving the Important Books: The Pillars of Being an Effective Educator
All children love being read to but the books they choose differ dramatically with development and not just in their increasing complexity and sophistication.  To be a great teacher requires not attendance at the faculty of education but two loves a love of the students and a love of the subjects.  The faculty of education cannot teach love.  How America is losing out in this arena and how the “Trivium” was better than modern educational theories will be described.
Room 3: Avoiding Resistance in Your Pre/Primary School Student
Mary James – Smoothing the Way
The number one cause of resistant behavior with young children is burnout from too
much seatwork. This workshop will give you practical teaching tips for this very
important age group. Discover the importance of readiness-building activities for your
preschoolers, as well as ways to make schoolwork much more enjoyable for your
elementary-aged students.
Room 4: Building Basics:  Ready, Set, Go!
Trudy Landis – Little Giant Steps
Regardless of grade level, your child can be more successful if YOU know the brain’s building blocks for the basics of learning.   Math facts can be memorized in only minutes a day!  Try a dynamic PE program with brain building benefits.  Receive tips on making this the best year ever!
Room 5: Fathers, Bring Up Your Children
God, in His wisdom and goodness, has provided a plan for the discipleship of children.  It is fulfilled primarily by Christian parents bringing them up in the "discipline and instruction of the Lord."  In Ephesians 6, this command is given specifically to fathers.  In this session, we will look at God's plan for the discipleship of our children, the ultimate goal of that plan, and the important role fathers must play in this process
Room 1-2: Blogging Like a Screaming Ninja Monkey
Paul Hastings
My blog is the same...My blog is boring...My blog is doomed...So help me! My blog needs liposuction!
Room 3: Dual Citizenship: A Christian and His Government
The Biblical basis for a Christian's involvement in government - and how that involvement is vital to maintaining parents' rights to direct the education and upbringing of their children.
Room 4: Winning the Math Battle with RightStart Mathematics Games
Put your kids on a winning team by playing math card games from the award winning RightStart Mathematics program. Games are fun and exciting! Games provide practice for the facts! Games become an application for the information! Children of various abilities can play together. Join us for some FUN as we play addition, multiplication, and fraction games. Learn how you can help your children become lifelong lovers of math.
Room 5: Help!! It’s 5:00 and We’re Still Doing School
Amy Quakkelar – My Father's World
After 5 years of homeschooling 5 children, Amy Quakkelaar became very frustrated when day after day, Dad got home from work at 5 pm and the Quakkelaar kids were STILL DOING SCHOOL! (Dad felt the same way as dinner was rarely on the table!) Through evaluating what was most important plus some simple planning ahead Amy learned school didn’t have to take all day. Let this busy mother and foster mother inspire you to discover simplicity and balance in your school day, which many times may be finished by lunchtime!  Amy will discuss creative ways that family members can work together to get things done: having “student” teachers, big buddies, and books on CD for times on the go! Plus she’ll offer time saving tips and different schedule options.  At 5:00 in your house, are your kids still doing school?
Room 1-2: What Every Texas Home Schooler Should Know about the Law
Tim Lambert, president of the THSC, tells the history of home education in Texas and the nation, explains the law concerning home schooling, and gives an update on this year’s legislative session and bills that might impact home education in Texas. He relates ways home schooling families can avoid problems with school authorities and procedures for being prepared for the truant officer or a social worker at the door. Tim also shares how home schoolers can answer those oft-asked questions such as, “What about socialization?”
Room 3: Getting Started
Learn how homeschooling really works from veteran parents and homeschool graduates. This is a special conference version of the monthly Getting Started Meeting conducted by CHEACT board members.
Room 4: How to Really Teach Writing
Judith Darling – Razzle Dazzle Learning Company
This workshop will focus on how to teach all types of writing, including the added bonus of boosting your child’s reading comprehension through writing. Find out how easy it is to develop motivated writers by allowing students to be independent, creative, and challenged. This method puts the responsibility of editing and assessing papers on the students’ shoulders, because that is the only way to become accomplished writers.
Room 5: Raising Accountable Kids One Step at a Time
Susan Vanderlaan – Accountable Kids
Discover ways to develop accountability, responsibility, respect, and confidence in your children by understanding how to apply essential parenting principles.  This is an interactive workshop demonstrating hands-on tools which foster character development, organizational skills, money management, and positive behaviors.  You will also hear heartwarming stories that inspire new ways to strengthen relationships in the home.
Room 1-2: Why and How the Family Matters and What Has Seriously Damaged It
Gertrude Himmelfarb in the “Demorallisation of America” gives an account of the social decay of the family with the major problem being absentee fathers and the consequently alienated, criminally inclined young men.  The connection to the libertine sexuality of the sixties may explain Caucasian problems but for African Americans the problem began much earlier.  Nevertheless, as we are now belatedly recognizing, sexual relationships are not trivial and their break-up is not trivial either.  Much more than abstinence before marriage is needed.  The kind of education that is needed both at home and in church will be discussed.  Failure to do this will greatly increase the probability that the modern multiversity will dissolve innocent faith in the acid of its ironic skepticism.
Room 1-2: Study Like a Genius – Unlocking Your Brain
Justin Horsman – CollegePlus!
All learning is founded on one key—the ability to take in information and then remember it. Unfortunately, most students are never taught how to effectively learn. Each school year, students spend countless hours studying, only to have the information seemingly disappear when they need it most.Whether a parent or a student, in this interactive session, you will learn how to use study tools such as speed reading and memory techniques to exponentially increase your study potential! Discover practical ways to implement memory tools such as the “peg” system and mindmaps in academics, work, or everyday life.
Room 3: Avoiding Resistance in Your Middle/High School Student
Mary James – Smoothing the Way
Teaching middle and high school students can be a daunting task. This workshop will
show you how special the teenage years can be and how to direct your child on the path
that God has set for him
Room 4: Ministering to the Heart of a Parent
The heart of Rick’s message is “God is Faithful”!!! His prayer and goal is that the Lord would inspire, encourage, and revitalize each and every parent, wherever they are on their homeschool journey!!!
Room 5: School AND Service:  Making Service a Natural Part of Your School Plan 
Amy Quakkelar – My Father's World
Which is more important, a daily math assignment or helping others?  Of course, both are necessary in a balanced education, but how many times does a daily assignment overtake a service opportunity?   From raking leaves for an elderly neighbor, to preparing a meal for a family in need, discover how your family can easily and enjoyably blend school and service together.  By making this a habit while your children are young it will be something they (and you) won’t want to miss as they grow older!  In this workshop, Amy will introduce many simple and even natural ways to incorporate service into your school schedule.  From baking for others to becoming foster parents, there are endless opportunities for your family to reach out and shine for HIM!  Learn how to make serving others a “core” part of your family’s education.
Room 1-2: From the Peaks of Goodness, Beauty and Truth to the Swamps of Dawkins, Dennett and Harris 
The strange history of how the early God fearing scientists of the 14th to 17th centuries gave us a tacitly atheistic world will be described and how the History of Ideas can combat the errors that were promulgated.    
Our workshop will entail using mnemonics, songs, drawings, charts, stories, and manipulatives to teach math.  We will cover concepts from elementary to high school.  We want to show the importance of using these techniques to create understanding of such an abstract subject.
Room 4: Movie-Making: The World's Deadliest Weapon
Paul Hastings – Filmmakers' Academy
...that your parents know the cure for cancer
...that your neighbor has a nuclear bomb
...that you own a world-changing tool, but don't even realize it
Guess what? One of these isn't just imagination. Your student can master the craft of movie-making and use it for good. Come and find out how.
But wait, that's not all! We'll be giving out one *!*free*!* scholarship to Filmmakers Academy - Summer 2011 at the end of our talk. So make sure to attend and enter your chance to win!
Room 5: Christian Classical Education Made Doable
Classical Conversatons an education services company, that supports home schooling families, invites you to learn more about how Anne of Green Gables and other one-room schoolhouse teachers used theclassical method of learning to teach children of all different ages from the same material at the same time. We have three flagship programs: our Foundations Program for k-6th grade which focuses on the grammar stage method of learning; the Essentials Program, which is a language arts program geared towards 3rd through 6th graders who are moving into the dialectic stage; and our Challenge level programs, which are Christian, classical, college-prep programs, for junior and high school aged children utilizing dialectic and rhetorical skills.
Room 1-2: Designing a Biblical Worldview Education
David Quine – Cornerstone Curriculum
Biblical World View and Classical Education are the popular buzzword phrases today. What do these phrases mean? As Christian home school parents, we desire our children to have well educated minds, but never at the expense of their faith in Jesus Christ. What is a Biblical worldview approach to education? David and Shirley give insight into designing an education plan for your family with a clear biblical perspective. We must lay no other foundation.
Room 3: It's a War Out There. The Battle for Our Children's Hearts and Minds
David Nutting – Alpha Omega Institute
According to youth evangelist, Mark Cahill, “The number one reason young people give for rejecting the Gospel is evolution.”  Few adults understand the intensity of the attack on their children’s faith which escalates to a ferocious battle in “higher academics.”  Students in public schools, Christian schools and homeschools, alike are not immune to the systematic “de-faithing” they will likely encounter from schools, universities, friends, media, and the internet.  Having spoken to many university audiences over the years and seeing what has derailed even solid kids, Dave’s impactful presentation will sound the alarm and help you prepare them well!  Parents, make sure your middle school and teens (and even upper elementary) students also attend this session.
Room 4: Preparing Your Children to Leave Home with Lifetime Biblical Convictions
Mike & Carolyn Riggs Lamp & Quill International
After years of college and military ministry, we have discovered significant reasons children from Christian homes leave the church when they go to college or start a career.  This workshop focuses on the later years of home schooling.  You will learn some foundational elements and practical methods that will prepare your young adults spiritually and mentally to leave home with lifetime convictions. (also entitled: “Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire”)
Room 5: Apologia Academy
Becky Edmondson Apologia
Apologia Educational Ministries and Apology Academy are here to provide exceptional educational services that help homeschool students and families learn, live, and defend the Christian faith.  This workshop will give you a greater understanding and appreciation of how Apologia Academy’s online education works and can assist your homeschool by providing:
- College-preparatory science, Bible, apologetics, and Christian worldview courses taught through a dynamic, virtual classroom experience
- Quality Apologia science, Bible, apologetics, & worldview curriculum
- A unique educational experience using the latest technology
While attending this workshop you will also learn how Apologia Academy's unique virtual classrooms effectively unite the benefits of teacher-led, real-time instruction with the advantages of highly convenient and multimedia-rich Internet delivery. You will understand how Apologia Academy gives the choice of live classes delivered to your computer or recorded sessions which can be listened to at your convenience, all accomplished at home in the context of family.