2010 CHEACT Conference Speakers

Jessie Wise

Jessie Wise

Homeschooling when homeschooling wasn’t cool, Jessie taught her three children from preschool through high school.  Afterwards, she co-authored the book, The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home, with daughter Susan.  Now retired, Jessie offers us a unique perspective of things she would have done differently if she could do it over again.  She is presently working on her own book describing her personal journey into home education.  Jessie and her husband, Jay, live in Virginia.  Read more about Jessie at welltrainedmind.com.






Peter LeithartPeter Leithart

Dr. Leithart is an accomplished author, educator and pastor.  Says one homeschool mom: “Dr. Leithart writes my favorite literature guides. They capture wonderful nuances of the classics and force my kids to see literature at a deeper level.  I use his guides before I check anything else. His excellent Old Testament survey, A House for My Name, has been a major book in my high schoolers’ study of Ancient Israel.”  He has taught Theology and Literature at New Saint Andrews College since 1998, and since 2003 has served as pastor of Trinity Reformed Church in Moscow, Idaho.  Dr. Leithart and his wife, Noel, have ten children.  Read more about Peter Leithart at leithart.com.






Jim WeissJim Weiss

Jim is a delightful speaker and master storyteller.  He is excellent at capturing history and retelling it in engaging ways.  Selections from his library of over 40 storytelling recordings have become staples in quite a few homeschool libraries.  Adults and children alike leave a Jim Weiss performance feeling that they have really met characters from a wide range of classic literature and folk tales.  Jim's presentations garner heightened respect for the art of storytelling and the literature itself.  Jim and his wife, Randy, live in Virginia.  Read more about Jim at greathall.com.