2010 CHEACT Conference Workshops


Friday, June 25 - 8:30 am - 6:00 pm
Saturday, June 26 - 8:30 am - 5:00 pm


9:00 am

Room 1-2: Wise
Essential, Efficient, and Encouraging Education
Jessie begins with her extraordinary personal story and how she learned the three secrets to effective education: it should be essential, efficient, and encouraging. Essential education means teaching central concepts at the correct stage in a child’s learning. Efficient education sets the stage for a child’s academic success. Encouraging education provides motivation and support for the student—it goes beyond merely praising the child. Jessie outlines how to give your child the best education possible.

Room 3: Truth in Science
What Makes Truth in Science Different
The Truth in Science curriculum provides good science delivery without sacrifi cing thorough
Biblical worldview integration. There are many curricula that teach good science, but there
isn’t a science curriculum like Truth in Science available today, that teaches good science while
offering complete worldview training.

Room 4: My Father’s World
Combining Classical Education, Charlotte Mason, and Unit Studies with a Christian Perspective 
The myriad of homeschool choices can be overwhelming like interstates, highways, back roads and scenic routes. There are so many ways and opinions, how can one navigate through it all and still homeschool effectively? Why not blend the best of each method? Join My Father’s World as we show how to instill Christian values while integrating great literature, chronological history, geography, hands-on activities, notebooks and timelines, narration, study of Greek and Latin roots, nature studies, and more. Enjoy short, well-planned lessons in the morning with time to pursue individual interests in the afternoon.

Room 5: Smoothing the Way
Which Way Do I Go?
This workshop explains the most popular teaching methodologies (textbook, living book, unit studies, classical, unschooling), and give a close-up look at the convention exhibitors.

11:00 am

Room 1-2: Leithart
Getting It: Humor and Bible Reading
Getting a joke often depends on knowing something that's not contained in the joke.  Understanding the Bible is similar: We "get" a particular passage only if we know the rest of the Bible.

Room 3: Weiss
A Saint, A Criminal, and a Country Priest: The Writing of GK Chesterton
Storyteller Jim Weiss will bring to life the first of Chesterton’s famous Father Brown mysteries, and tell the story of how it came to be written. He will share some of Chesterton’s profoundly witty reflections of Francis of Assisi, for whom Chesterton had deep affection, admiration, and understanding. For adults and older children, this session offers a rollicking introduction to a beloved author’s wisdom and humor.
4. Basic Bible Skills: Do your children have the necessary skills required to build a firm foundation through the study of God's Word? 
Come discover how we are teaching these skills in a fun and unique way.  In conjunction with our curriculum, you will be participating in games that are used as an indication of their retention.  A favorite game among children and adults alike is, "Riddle Me This".  This game consists of 100 biblical riddles such as the following:  A dancing girl, a promise pledged, a saddened king and I lost my head.  Give up?  Join us to learn the answer to this riddle and participate in other games designed to teach God's Word.

Room 4: Basic Bible Skills
Do your children have the necessary skills required to build a firm foundation through the study of God's Word? 
Come discover how we are teaching these skills in a fun and unique way.  In conjunction with our curriculum, you will be participating in games that are used as an indication of their retention.  A favorite game among children and adults alike is, "Riddle Me This".  This game consists of 100 biblical riddles such as the following:  A dancing girl, a promise pledged, a saddened king and I lost my head.  Give up?  Join us to learn the answer to this riddle and participate in other games designed to teach God's Word.

Room 5: Coach Rick
A Time of Encouragement…The God is Faithful Message

12:00 pm

Room 1-2: CHEACT
Homeschooling: Getting Started

Room 4: Paul Hastings
Blogging Like a Screaming Ninja Monkey (Beginning Blogging)

  • EVERY teenager preparing for the SAT should have a blog.
  • EVERY mom interested in writing should have a blog.
  • EVERY child studying writing and grammar should have a blog.

Don't let you or your students miss out. Learn how blogging can change your approach to school!

1:00 pm

Room 1-2: Wise
If I Had to do it All Over Again
When Jessie Wise began home schooling her three young children in the early 1970's, she didn’t know anyone else who was educating at home. She worried that social services would come knocking at the door accusing her children of truancy. The neighbors warned, “Those kids will never get into college.” The grandparents cried. Yet after thirty years’ experience in home schooling and in tutoring dozens of other children, Jessie Wise looks back with the wisdom of hindsight to reflect on her home schooling journey. She tells what she did right, as well as what she did wrong, and reflects on how she would change her home school experience if she had the chance.

Room 3: David Quine
Stirring Hearts…Renewing Minds
Charlotte Mason encourages us to lay a “feast of ideas” before our children. We have a great opportunity to do just that each day. David and Shirley will share how God stirred the hearts and renewed the minds of people throughout history to be used by Him to further His Kingdom.

Room 4: THSC
Dual Citizenship: A Christian and His Government
Tim Lambert, THSC president, discusses the Biblical basis for Christians’ involvement in government—and how that involvement is vital to maintaining parents’ right to direct the education and upbringing of their children.

Room 5: In the Hands of a Child

3:00 pm

Room 1-2: Leithart
City of Ingratitude: Coriolanus
Coriolanus is not as popular as Shakespeare's other Roman plays, but it is equally profound.  In it, Shakespeare gives us a portrait of the political effects of ingratitude.  Rome is a city without gratitude because it is a city without grace.

Room 3: Weiss
Storytelling Up Close and Personal: An Adventure in Oral Language
An exciting and interactive workshop for children and adults. Participants will learn about the art of storytelling and oral language. This workshop will focus on: setting the scene, characterization, voice technique, shaping the story, building confidence and developing one’s own style. The tenor is casual and the goal is to have fun with literature. Participants should be prepared to play, laugh, and discover how literature can truly come alive in the midst of a storyteller.

Room 4: Razzle Dazzle
Stop Pulling Your Hair Out over Teaching Writing and Language Arts
This workshop will teach you how to set up an entire language arts program for any age student, using whatever materials you choose. It will include writing, grammar, reading, and vocabulary with daily, weekly, and quarterly assignments that the student will be responsible for doing and evaluating. Once this program is set up, it requires very little parental involvement. With this program students feel empowered and look forward to the challenges of learning on their own.

Room 5: My Father’s World
Occupying Preschoolers While Teaching Older Children
Our children are precious gifts from the Lord but sometimes they can interfere with our human plans. These little ones seem to seek attention at the wrong time. What can we do at these times to creatively involve them in the learning process? My Father’s World shares many suggestions on how to educate and occupy little ones. 

5:00 pm

Room 1-2: Wise
First Language Lessons: How to Teach Grammar and Language Skills in the Early Grades
Jessie Wise believes that we underestimate what young children are capable of learning. She will demonstrate how to teach proper use of the English language by combining simple rules and grammar structure in “real life.” Jessie will discuss child-friendly ways to teach poetry memorization and definitions of the parts of speech, and the value of using early oral lessons, copying, narration, and dictation in teaching Language Arts..

Room 3: Savannah College of Art & Design
How to Prepare a Dynamic Artistic Portfolio
Learn helpful tips on preparing a dynamic artistic portfolio! This session presents the fundamentals of successful portfolios and what our review committee looks for in portfolio submissions.  The presentation will address:  visual, media, and performing arts, writing elements, artistic elements, guidelines for inclusion, presentation quality, as well as, additional aspects of portfolio preparation.  The session will include visual examples of portfolios.

Room 4: Accountable Kids
Raising Accountable Kids One Step at a Time
Discover ways to develop accountability, responsibility, respect, and confidence in your children by understanding how to apply essential parenting principles. This is an interactive workshop that provides hands-on tools that help children learn life lessons in a manner that will bring your family closer together. Traci’s heartwarming stories shed new light on how to implement abstract parenting principles in a manner that is simple and fun for the entire family.

Room 5: Classical Conversations
The Foundations and Essential Tools of Learning for a Lifetime
Come learn how to establish the tools of learning for a lifetime. Come learn how to have accountability with flexibility. Accountability, support, Christian community, and strong academics are the reasons parents join Classical Conversations one-day-per-week academic programs with their children. This is different from any cooperative or other group you’ve ever known. Come learn why!



9:00 am

Room 1-2: Leithart
The Bible as Music
A piece of music is a complicated web of intertwined structures.  Biblical texts are similar, often following several pathways at once.

Room 3: Right Start
Abacus-Based Mathematics
Can you use the time-honored abacus to teach math? Absolutely! See how the AL Abacus fosters quantity recognition and develops addition strategies. Investigate place value in a crystal clear format. Explain borrowing and carrying when adding and subtracting numbers. Discover the simplicity of multiplication. The AL Abacus can be a perfect supplement or is the focal point RightStart Mathematics.

Room 4: ALERT
Leadership 101 for Dads
It is not easy to be a dad in today’s environment with so many competing time demands. However, there are tools and techniques available that can help a father to balance those demands and to provide a vision for his family. This workshop is geared toward fathers to assist them in leading their families well. We will explore how to: 1. create a vision that motivates the entire family to action and cohesiveness 2. see each family member as an individual with specific hopes and dreams 3. exhibit behavior that draw a family closer 4. eliminate behavior that split a family 5. become a servant leader.

Room 5: My Father’s World
Hands-on Kindergarten and First Grade Overwhelmed?
Try our easy-to-teach complete curriculum that incorporates phonics, reading, writing, art, Bible, hands-on science, math, history and more.  Incorporate preschoolers and older kids in many of the interesting activities. My Father’s World shows how easy-to-teach yet flexible lessons plans eliminate preparation time without sacrificing the FUN. 

10:30 am

Room 1-2. Wise
Teaching Reading from Birth On
This workshop presents an overall plan for teaching reading to children.  Jessie Wise outlines how you can help your child develop good language skills, starting at birth! She gives tips on how to make pre-reading instruction simple, effective, and fun.  She also advises how to begin appropriate phonics instruction for children ages three, four, five, and older.  Jessie gives suggestions on how to help remedial readers and how to encourage reluctant readers.  Jessie Wise has over thirty years' experience in reading instruction: She has taught in the classroom, at home, and tutored private students.

Room 3: Weiss
The Loving Father: The Why and How of Dads Telling Stories
Stories are among the greatest and longest lasting gifts that a father can give his child. Jim Weiss will share his own experiences and demonstrate clear ways to transmit beliefs and credos , and show our children how much we love them through the stories we share.

Room 4: Razzle Dazzle
Teach Language Arts the Razzle Dazzle Way
Come see how Razzle Dazzle Learning Co. material can make teaching writing so much easier for parents and more fun, challenging, and interesting for the students. Your child will soon be motivated to write stories and essays and evaluate them on his own. The student will also be able to independently learn basic grammar, punctuation, parts of speech and more with the Daily Dazzle series. It’s much easier and more fun each day, when you teach language arts the Razzle Dazzle way.

Room 5: Little Giant Steps
What Makes Curriculum Work
The Brain For years we’ve been trying to solve learning issues with coping and compensating skills. Now, research has shown a remedy for eliminating symptoms, rather than teaching students how to live with it.  Neurodevelopment works the same as if you were converting a dial-up internet connection to high speed.  Everything is affected positively when the brain and body get connected. It is something all teachers need to know if you want your child’s educational curriculum to become live integrated knowledge and ultimately the lifelong tools of his/her trade.

11:30 am

Room 1-2: CHEACT
Homeschooling: Getting Started

Room 4: Paul Hastings
My Blog Needs Liposuction! (Advanced Blogging)

  • EVERY blog is the same...
  • EVERY blog is boring...
  • EVERY blog is doomed...
Or is it?

12:30 pm

Room 1-2: Leithart
Mercy Seasoned With Justice: Merchant of Venice
Merchant of Venice is Shakespeare's most "biblical" play.  It includes many references to Scripture, and the plot turns on the triumph of mercy over strict justice.

Room 3: David Quine
Parents are the BEST Teachers
Jesus said to “Go and make disciples of all nations…” Discipleship is the highest calling of a Christian. As homeschooling parents, we have the best opportunity to disciple our children. But what is discipleship? Am I qualified? In his letter to the Christians living in Thessalonica, the Apostle Paul explains that discipleship is parenting! In this presentation, David and Shirley explain the role of each parent in the discipleship process. Don’t be misled into thinking you are not qualified. Parents are the best teachers.

Room 4: THSC
Courtship from a Father’s Perspective
Tim Lambert explains the basics of courtship. This method of choosing a life-partner is enjoying a resurgence as young people and their families return to a more scriptural and positive approach. He discusses this issue from the perspective of a father whose role differs with sons and daughters.

Room 5: Guffanti
ADHD and Kinesthetic Learners: Living Happily Together
Do you wonder if you will be able to keep your child alive long enough to see him or her enjoy a happy and successful life? Come to gain a light-hearted but heart-felt understanding of issues that can weigh a family down. Discover new hope and insight as you: Learn how a kinesthetic learner experiences the world, discover how IQ and other tests don’t effectively test kinesthetic learners, and understand why these children are often misdiagnosed You’ll laugh and cry, but most of all, you will develop a deep understanding of your child and possibly your spouse! Experience dramatic improvement with three practical coping skills, resources, and techniques! Dr. Gufffanti offers hope for the future and solutions for today.

2:00 pm

Room 1-2. Wise
The Well-Trained Mind: Academic Excellence through Classical Education, Grades K-4
A practical and specific workshop covering the how-to’s of classical education for grades K-4. This talk covers the place of memorization in the early years, foundations for good reading and writing, using narration, placing history at the core of the curriculum, and relating literature to history.  It also includes introducing Latin early, mastering the facts of mathematics, and the place of science in the classical curriculum.  There are recommendations of curricula and books.

Room 3: Weiss
The Astounding History of the Holy Temple
There have been two temples in Jerusalem, each sitting upon the high Temple Mount. King Solomon built the first, the most beautiful edifice on earth in its day. But Solomon gave it more than just beauty. Jim Weiss will show you how a building could demonstrate Solomon’s famous wisdom and kindness. The second temple, built a thousand years later, was that to which Jesus came to pray. Built by a murderer, destroyed by a man who did all he could to save it, this temple sat at the crossroads of the Roman, Jewish and early Christian worlds. Hear the strange story of how it came to be, learn its role for Judaism, hear the dramatic story of its fall at the hands of a future Roman emperor, and learn about what remains of it. Jim Weiss brings to the presentation all his storytelling skills and his ability to tell a complex story in a way that is clear and emotionally profound. You will envision kings, prophets, wise men—and a certain boy sitting in a courtyard and astounding the wise teachers with his understanding.

Room 4: Coach Rick
A Time of Encouragement…The God is Faithful Message

Room 5: In the Hands of a Child

3:30 pm

Room 1-2: Classical Conversations
Training Young (and old!) Brains to Retain
Learning that Lasts

Learn how to have more learning in less overall time, with less stress, for less money. Throughout American history, how did sixteen year-olds successfully teach multiple grades, multiple subjects with such impressive, lasting results while we struggle at home with three students? Learn their secrets.

Room 3: Math-U-See

Room 4: Carol Lee
Be Lean and Energized
Are you frustrated over your attempts to lose weight?  Do you wish you had more energy to home school your children?  Do you want to have less sick days, to look and feel better?  Want to learn about how the healthiest people in the world eat?  After attending this workshop you will go away with steps you can take to lose weight without hunger using delicious whole foods.  In addition to losing unwanted pounds, you will improve your energy level, decrease your risk for many of today’s cancers and diseases, and learn why most dieters fail to keep their weight off.  I have personally tried to follow this eating plan.  Since then, my energy level has significantly increased and I have prevented the weight gain that naturally takes place in adulthood.  I am excited to present this information to you.  I have given this power point nutrition presentation many times and many have been blessed.  It will be well worth your time.

Room 5: Mr. Bandman
Make a Joyful Noise
This workshop introduces the new online “Mr. Bandman Home School Lessons & Practice Program” for beginning band students.  Now, every home school student can have the opportunity to experience playing a band instrument.  The curriculum is a progressive study of music essentials.  It encourages parental involvement.  Students are taught watching recorded video lessons delivered via the Internet.  Their instructor is Art Osborne (aka “Mr. Bandman”).  Osborne is a certified music educator, and ordained minister of music.  His enthusiastic teaching style reflects his deep passion for music. In a series of 52 guided lessons, first year band students begin to learn to read music and play one of six instruments.  Students experience the fun of playing in an ensemble, because as they play, they are accompanied by other instruments. The Mr. Bandman program also presents the opportunity for the student to play and perform with a local Home School Band and to receive supplemental personalized instruction at home via the Internet.  We pray the musical talents we begin to develop in students will one day be shared in their local Church.